13 Ways to SNEAK PETS INTO THE MOVIES! Sneak Pets Not Snacks into The Movies by KABOOM! (2023)


It’s hard to part with our pet buddies, especially when there’s a good movie! We are here to show some crazy ways people trick security and sneak pets into the movies! Check out how our desperate pet lovers disguise their furry friends as children or even a screaming baby! If you can sneak food, why not sneak pets inside too? Stay tuned for more awkward moments, funny situations, and crazy pet pranks at the movie theater by Kaboom!

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Dog Child
Fish Under Coat
Spider In Mouth
Guinea Pig In a Ball
Dog Baby
Lizard & Hypnosis
Mouse In Hair Buns
Kittens In Boobs
Duck In a Bucket
Ferret in Hoodie
Guide Dog & Guide Parrot
Frog in Fisherman’s Boots

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Oh no! It seems people are trying to sneak pets into the movies!.

You know what that means? Animal Control is ready for duty! The Animal Control is sure enjoying his duties, as long as no one is trying to sneak pets.

Inside! Oh, here we go.

A snake? N-no..


Just look at Mr., Cuddles! It seems our security.

Guy is a bit… afraid of snakes.

That’s Susan’s cue to enter the movies along with her pet snake! A snake?!, Well, I, guess: it’s, a private movie for these two! We’re watching a movie together, Mr.

Cuddles! Children want to see movies, too! Even, the furriest ones… You’re, a really small one, aren’t you, little guy? Hey is that… a candy bar?! No food in the movies, buddy! I’m sorry...

Sure, ma’am.

Tickets are fine.

You both are good to go! Easy, my dear, we’re almost there! I mean, what’s, the difference between a child and a dog? One walks on two legs, the other’s four-legged, that’s all! Would.

You look at this cute little pupper over here! Eager to watch the movie along with its owner! Cute or not, no pets in the movies! Including that pup! Approved by the special animal control.

Services! Go fetch your puppy, now, lady., H-hello, sir! I’ve got no pets on me!, You, seem…, fishy to me., F-fishy?, Ok, I’ll.

Let you slide this time.

Have a good movie.

That was close, wasn’t it, Chris? Oh wow.

What a scene he’s created! He brought all of his fishies along for the movie!.

His name is Billie.

And, the other one is Nemo!.

Awww! Even fish can be lovely companions when watching a movie!.

The ticket check line could move a lot.



Are you holding something in your mouth, miss? It seems she tried to sneak her pet tarantula into the movies! No, ma’am, this spider ain’t going anywhere., Ticket?, Okay, I’ll.

Let you in, but I’ll, take care of your Spidey.

Show me your ticket, please.

GASP, Is, that a SPIDER??!! Well, that makes less work for the security guy.

After a long day.

His room is full of pets waiting for their owners.

And there’s, always room for an extra one! Feeling.

Well in there, kittie? How about you, tiny Godzilla?.

None of you are gonna, be watching movies.

Today! You miss your two-legged owner? Well, guess what? None of you are leaving your spots until your owners are finished, watching the movies! As long as people aren’t trying to sneak their pets into the movies.

The Animal Control service is friendly! Even willing to play some soccer with Chris over here! Soccer balls.

Aren’t forbidden, are they? Got, my ticket, sir! Go ahead, buddy! But, not everything that looks like a soccer.

Ball is one! Is, that a cage? Aww, what a cute Guinea, pig!, Hey, there, Chunky, you’re, safe, now!, We’re, gonna watch, a movie together! It’s, so cute!, Can, I pet him? Chris sure gets some extra attention.

This way! Sometimes watching a movie in public can get really annoying.

You, never know when someone will decide to bring their baby along.

A baby.

That does not stop screaming… Yeah, yeah, just go inside, ma’am!, Thanks!, Man, I should add a new restriction.

The least he could have done.

Was double-check before letting in a mother with her baby.

Especially a furry one with four paws! Hey, look! That’s, not a baby! It’s, a puppy! I don’t think the audience will mind a few barks during the movie! Sometimes desperate times call for special animal control services to do the check-up! But people can get so creative when trying to sneak in their pets! You know the rules, buddy! No pets, allowed.

I’ll, see.

If I can change your mind.

There, we go.

Hypnosis? Well, that’s one way to enter the movies.

With your beloved pet! Anybody there? You, see that, Mewsie? The entrance is clear! Thanks.

A lot! I hope this little lizard ain’t causing trouble for you, miss! Oh.

The things that we do for our little four-legged friends! You will never know when people might try to sneak their pets.

Through! Halt!, Um, what’s, up, sir? I’ll tell you what’s UP.

That tiny box on your head.

That’s, a weeeeird hair accessory.

If you ask me.


As long as you don’t have any pets on you, you can enter.

Thanks! My ticket, sir! Apart from being suspicious, you’ve still gotta check the tickets, buddy! I will never understand the latest fashion.


Close, call! It seems Denice’s.

Allergy is the only thing that can detect Tina’s little furry friend, who’s hidden in that box! Is that a…? Oh no!!! Way to go.

Sneaking this tiny mouse into the movies! Our security guy is as busy as a bee, checking tickets, and…, ooh-la-la~, Hello, sir! I.

Think I forgot my ticket… Oh, it’s okay, no worries! Thank, you so much, sir!, Oh, dear!, Are, those real?! I don’t think the security guy even saw her face.


Did he notice the cute little kitten, hiding there! Awwwww!!! Two of them! Oh, my gosh, so cute!!!!! Awww they’re, so adorable!!! Ain’t? No way these kittens are missing.

The movie! It seems our poor security guy has his hands full of people trying to sneak their pets into the movies.

There’s, just no end to this.

Pretty please…? No pets, allowed! That’s, not what I’d call a rewarding job.

Let’s hope.

The other people will be more understanding.

Here’s, my ticket, sir! Thanks for not bringing your crocodile along, miss.


The janitor! I was told that there’s a mess in Hall 5 that needs to be cleaned.

Asap! But, the movie’s about to start! Don’t worry.

It won’t take long!, A, janitor?, You’re, gonna, clean NOW?, Uuuf! I’m, starting to think that this janitor did not come here to clean.


This disguise is perfect when you want to sneak your pet duck: inside! Hey, there, little buddy, it’s, ok, now!, You, see.

Even a duck can be easily brought into the movies! Is that a duck?! Ew, I’m outta here!!! Haters gonna hate, am I right? But the duck stays! Chris wants to go to the movies.

- he’s got all his popcorn ready! You sure you brought enough popcorn for the movie? I’m sure, sir! ACHOO! Ok, whatever, your ticket’s fine, go!, Before I catch whatever illness.

You have… Is this guy for real? It, looks like he brought enough for a whole family..


It seems Chris brought enough snacks for both himself and…, his pet ferret! Say hi to Noodles! Awww! It’s, so cute!, Pets and snacks, ready for the movie! Shhh! What has Hailey come up, with? Pretending to be blind and escorted by service, animals? Genius!, I’m, sorry, sir.

This is my guide.

Dog! And that’s my guide, parrot.

I’ve, never heard of guide parrots, before.

But I don’t see too many blind people going to the movies either.

Come in, all of you.

Way to go, Hailey! You, see, it’s possible to sneak in even bigger animals like our cute doggo over here! And.

This little feathery buddy also got a seat! Who’s, a good boy? Who’s, a good boy? Of course, here’s, your snack, Captain Cracker! Ayay!, Cracker! Enjoy, the movie, guys! Good thing you’re, not actually blind, Hailey! It seems someone got just back from fishing! And.

You know what’s best after fishing? A, good movie!, Umm, hello, miss., What? Is.

There a special dress code for this movie? Umm, no, but… Here’s, my ticket! You got any pets? Nope.

Ok, go ahead.

Just…, be careful with the rod.

Ah, perfect! And now..

My, good old buddy! You’re, safe now, Bob!, What, the… Okay! Well.

That’s one way to carry toads! If it’s possible to sneak a toad inside the movies.

What are the chances that this little fella will turn into a charming prince? Hey Kaboomers! Wasn’t, that a lot of fun? If you liked our video, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to Kaboom for more amazing stories like these! Meanwhile, enjoy our brilliant selection of bloopers - We like to think of them.

As our cherry on top! Stay tuned and see you soon!.


Is it OK to sneak food into the movies? ›

Rules Are Rules

Of course, there's another reason to think twice before sneaking food into the movies: It's against the rules. Breaking those rules can have severe consequences too. Some theaters will kick you out if they catch you. Worse, you could be banned from ever coming back.

Is sneaking candy into a movie theater illegal? ›

While not against federal law, it is against most movie theater policies to bring in outside food. While you won't get arrested, you may be asked to leave the theater.

Why is movie theater food so expensive? ›

The theater's concession stand is generally the only sanctioned source for food and drink, so the theater's manager can legally place a substantial surcharge on sales. This is the same reason why snacks can also be more expensive at convenience stores or airports.

What happens if I sneak into a movie? ›

Lying to the Ticket-Taker.

Gaining entry to the movie theater without paying and lying to the ticket-taker means that you are in effect stealing the theater's services, which is technically larceny. Larceny generally refers to the stealing of property.

Can actors eat in movies? ›

Actors eat real food in the scenes, but they're not swallowing every bite. Since multiple takes are required to get the scene just right, actors spit the food into a bucket between takes.

Can you get caught sneaking into a movie? ›

While it's somewhat unlikely that you'll end up in handcuffs for sneaking into a movie without a ticket, it could still be considered criminal trespassing since you don't have permission to be on a property from the owner.

How illegal is it to sneak into a movie? ›

Generally speaking, sneaking into a movie theater is considered a form of criminal trespass, which is considered a misdemeanor in many jurisdictions. This means that if someone is caught sneaking into a movie theater, they may face criminal charges.

How do you sneak midnight snacks? ›

If you can, try sneaking out quieter foods, such as chewy candy, chewy granola bars, or soft cookies, instead of louder foods like chips, crackers, or foods with crinkly wrappers. If you choose foods that have wrappers or make a lot of noise when you eat them, you'll be more likely to get caught.

Is movie food unhealthy? ›

"If you are going to eat dinner in the movies, you get lots of what you don't need -- namely calories, saturated fat, and sodium -- and not anything of what you do need, such as fruits and veggies and whole grains," Hurley says.

What food should I get at the movies? ›

10 Unique Movie Night Snacks That Aren't Popcorn
  • Chips. Chips are a grab-and-go classic when you're craving something crunchy and salty. ...
  • Nachos. If you want to jazz up your chips a little bit, nachos are the gamechanger you. ...
  • Pretzels. ...
  • Cookies. ...
  • Fruit. ...
  • Popcorn Chicken. ...
  • Dips. ...
  • Pinwheels.

Why don't movies let you bring food? ›

In order to generate more revenue and thus profit, the cinemas sell additional frills. Those frills include food, drinks, snacks, merchandise, DVDs, child birthday catering, etc. Those frills come with a premium. In order to keep the monopoly going, they ban outside food and drinks.

How to sneak into 18 movie? ›

Ask if they admit children to age-restricted movies as long as an adult purchases their ticket for them. If they don't, see if they'll admit you if you're accompanied by an adult into the theater. Go to your parent. Ask them to see the movie with you or to simply buy the ticket for you when they drop you off.

Do cinemas check age? ›

Our staff are legally required to ask for proof that you are old enough to watch an age restricted film if they have any doubt. In order to prove your age we require official I.D. that includes a photo and date of birth such as a passport or driver's license.

Can a 13 year old go to a 15 movie? ›

Responsibility for allowing under-12s to view lies with the accompanying or supervising adult. (15) 15 No-one younger than 15 may see a '15' film in a cinema.

Do actors kiss in movies? ›

They usually do some form of kissing, but there are ways to get around it (more on that later). Whether you wind up locking lips with another actor or not, there's a lot that goes into kissing scenes that you should know about.

Do actors eat on camera? ›

When actors appear to eat or drink on camera, they often aren't really ingesting, due to the caloric stresses of multiple takes and the need to be heard clearly. Multiple takes: Actors often need to shoot and reshoot a scene multiple times, meaning that if they eat food once they may need to eat it dozens of times.

Why do actors drink milk in movies? ›

Many consider milk to represent innocence, youth, purity, and maternity, because, of course, babies drink milk and mothers produce it.

Is it OK for kids to sell candy at school? ›

Selling anything, but especially junk food, on school grounds, violates both California and federal law.

How can a minor sneak into a rated R movie? ›

Teens sneak into movies using a variety of different methods. Some create or buy fake IDs, others try to bribe the ticket box office worker (usually a school friend) while others purchase tickets for a G-rated movie, enter the theater and then sneak into the R-rated film of their choice. Often, these schemes work.

Can you sneak into an R-rated movie? ›

While this isn't as foolproof as going with them, you may be able to sneak in if your parent or sibling buys the R-rated ticket and then gives it to you. Just make sure you ask someone who is at least 21 years old, or else the ticket seller may ask to see the IDs of the people they're buying tickets for.

Can you cuddle in a movie theater? ›

Just be careful though as The Light has seats that when you lean back the seat rolls back with you. Make sure you're both leaning back at the same time and you're good to cuddle!

Can you go to jail for watching things illegally? ›

If you're simply watching a stream of unlicensed content, you're not technically breaking the law. Where it becomes a crime is if you download the movie or show or host a stream yourself.

Can you go to jail for streaming movies? ›

Whether you're being accused of illegally downloading a song or movie or using an unlicensed copy of Photoshop, a piracy charge is nothing to make light of. In fact, piracy is a federal crime. These felony charges can land you in prison for a year or longer, depending upon the circumstances of your individual case.

What age is rated R for? ›

Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated NC-17: Adults Only – No one 17 and under admitted.

What to eat at 3am? ›

25 Healthy Midnight Snacks for Late Night Munching, According to a Nutritionist
  • Hummus and Whole Grain Crackers or Veggies. We knew there was a reason we loved chickpeas. ...
  • Oatmeal. ...
  • Popcorn. ...
  • Low-fat Greek Yogurt and Fruit. ...
  • A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. ...
  • Pumpkin Seeds. ...
  • Bananas and Peanut Butter. ...
  • A Handful of Nuts.
Oct 12, 2022

How can I catch up in a class? ›

How to Catch Up if You Fall Behind
  1. Communicate with your instructor or advisor. If you're falling behind, let your instructor know immediately. ...
  2. Connect with a classmate. If you miss class, reach out to a classmate to get a copy of their notes. ...
  3. Get organized. ...
  4. Ask for help. ...
  5. Decide to withdraw.

Do theaters check bags? ›

a movie theatre is private property, and you use is subject to conditions, such as safety checks of your bag.

Can you take snacks to theatre? ›

Theatres aren't as strict as cinemas about bringing your own food – there's nothing wrong with carrying a plastic bottle of water, your own sandwiches to eat during the interval, or a cheeky box of chocolates to share with a friend.

How many people sneak snacks into the movie theater? ›

Surveys show that over 60% of moviegoers admit to sneaking in outside snacks, and it seems like even though @movie_daddy doesn't enjoy enforcing the rule, this customer left him no choice.

Is it bad to bring your own snacks to the movies? ›

However, don't think you can bring along any food you like. Unless you're at one of those fancy cinemas that serve meals in your seat, hot food is absolutely out of the question. Hot food can transmit smells much more effectively than, say, a grab bag of Cadbury Twirl Bites.

Why can't you bring food in the movie? ›

Whether it is okay to bring your own food into the movies depend upon the movie theater's policy. Many (if not all) of the movie theaters I've been to do not allow patrons to bring their own food. The reason for this is that it is through concession sales that movie theaters make most of their profit.

Is it OK to sneak food into the movies Scholastic? ›

There is another reason to think twice before sneaking food into the movies: It's against the rules. Some theaters will kick you out if they catch you smuggling in food.

Can I sneak snacks into AMC? ›

Was this information helpful? Can I bring in my own snacks? No, outside food and drinks are not permitted. AMC goes far beyond classic concessions like popcorn and fountain drinks to give you an absolutely appetizing experience.

Should I eat before a movie? ›

Eat Before You Leave

Whether it is a party, a wedding, an office dinner, or yes, even a movie, always layer your stomach before you go.

Why can't you take food through security? ›

Yes, you may pack food in your carry-on or checked bag, but remember all food must undergo x-ray screening. Foods that are liquids, gels, or aerosols must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule. TSA officers make the final decision on whether certain items are permitted into the secured areas of the airport.

Can you bring a bag in movie? ›

You can bring a backpack into the movie theater, but you will be asked by the usher at podium to open your back so that it can be checked with a flashlight to ensure that nothing is being snuck into the theatre, like a gun for example.

Can you take your own food and drink to the Theatre? ›

Theatres aren't as strict as cinemas about bringing your own food – there's nothing wrong with carrying a plastic bottle of water, your own sandwiches to eat during the interval, or a cheeky box of chocolates to share with a friend.

Are teachers allowed to show movies? ›

Generally, yes, this is permissible under fair use. Apply the four factors of fair use to determine whether the film in question may be used for this purpose and how much of the film may be shown.

Can I legally show a movie in my classroom? ›

The Federal Copyright Act specifies that copyrighted materials like movies can be used in your schools if properly licensed. It's important to know that neither the rental nor purchase of a movie carries the right to exhibit it outside of someone's home.

Is it a crime to sneak into a rated R movie? ›

If when you say "sneak" into an "R" rated movie, you mean not paying for a ticket, yes, this can be prosecuted no different than any other theft of services. Depending on the individual and past criminal history, most likely would not result in jail time, and if so, minimal at most.

How much is popcorn at the movies? ›

Moviegoers pay the highest premium for popcorn. At most major movie theaters, you're looking at around $8 for a medium-sized bag of buttered popcorn — nearly the price of the average movie ticket ($9). At 11 cups, the average medium-sized movie popcorn goes for $0.73/cup.

Do they waste food in movies? ›

Most of the food used in films and tv shows are just props. It can take several attempts to get the scene right so props are used rather than real food which would simply go to waste.

Should you eat before or after a movie? ›

If the movie is fairly early, hold dinner for later so that you can talk about the show. If the restaurant closes early, eat first and go to a later show. Of course if it's the kind of movie to get you in the mood, eat first, go to the show, and hurry back home.

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