6 of the WORST Bug Infested Bars on Bar Rescue 🕷 (2023)


There are a lot of things you don’t want to see on Bar Rescue and bugs are definitely at the top of that list. Here are 6 bars that had bugs everywhere, including, in some cases, in the drinks.

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Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. Bad drinks, wild staffs, and wasted owners conspire against him and his experts as they give failing businesses one last shot at success.

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(Upbeat music) - [Jon] How bad, is that? - I think this is the worst one that we've seen.

This is dry.

Vermouth., - Oh, my God.

- [Mia] Dry vermouth should look clear.

(intense music) Anybody want to drink that?, (intense music), - Why.

Don't we all take a quick peek in the kitchen? Let's see? What's going on in there., (intense music), Much, better., - We took all these out, completely out and cleaned the walls.

- This is a good start.

You agree?, - I agree.

- You can breathe in this room.


- Yeah. - Yes, yes.

- Let's take a walk through real quick.

- All right, let's go.

- We stayed till the wee hours last night.

The staff was incredible and was happy to have Jon come in, and see the work we put in.

- Come on in.

It stunk.

When I stood here before now it doesn't.

(intense, music), Cool., (intense, music) What is this?.

(Intense music) We've got a serious problem here: guys.

- Oh man! - Wow! - Look at that, they're, going up the whole damn wall.

(intense music) Your building is coming down in front of us for Christ sakes.


When I thought we were clean, all ready to train, wham mo, I get hit with something else.


We have another roadblock.

We gotta leave the building.

Let's get an exterminator in here.

Let me get this assessed and let's see what the hell we can do about this guys.

This is a huge problem.

This bar is infested with ants.

I have to call an exterminator, see if I can solve it and if I can even train inside.


Do we got? - Argentine ants, so they're foraging.

They're, just trying to invade the bar.


We gotta go ahead and treat the exterior.

- Okay.

- And then treat the interior.

- No issues selling food in here once you guys are done? You can get this under control.

It's safe?, - Everything will be safe.

- Okay.

- Good news.

- Problem, solved.

Thank, you guys.

Thankfully, I, had a great exterminator.


We did eradicate the problem.

(intense music) - They're gone.

- So I wanna to go to work because tonight I still have to have a stress: test. - [Jon] This is more of an age fashion than an old fashion.

- Oh, hold on.

Wait sir, hold on.

That's a hot mess, I know.

I, don't have a well.

You see if I have the well right.

Here, I'll just set the ice.

- Knowing there.

There wasn't a well here but then brought everything to make it here and now was having to run back and forth.

- Excuse me, coming through., All right, guys, sorry about that., (intense, music), Bad. - No balance, it.

- It's, just straight whiskey., - Give.

It a taste.

Tell me what you think: guys? - Five being the best, one being the worst.


Do you give it? - Three because he smiled.

- So? If I didn't get him to smile, he would've gotten a one.

- Man, I made it with love.

- You made with love, but you still (beep) up.

You understand: that.

(patrons, laugh) I'd like you to go down to the well and make three old fashions properly, down there.

So now there's no freaking excuses.

It's! All on you.

I, don't know what he's smiling about, to be honestly with you, because if that was me, I'd be pretty freaking embarrassed.

- One, two, three, four, five -- - Hold it, hold it.

- One, two, three, four, five., Stop! Freaking, bugs in this bottle.

(audience gasps) (intense music) - [Woman] Just, so you know., - Oh, my God.

- Rob, come back! Here.

- We've been closed for three months: guys.

- Would everybody! Look in your glasses,! Does anybody see bugs in their drinks? - Oh, my god (beep).

- That's, my worst nightmare.

- [Jon] What else? Has them back here? (intense, music) - (beep), bugs. - Anybody drinking this,! Stop! If you are., (intense music) Look at all this, check the other back bar, you guys are pouring from those.

- (sighs).

This is a nightmare.

- And, a few of you got a few bugs with it.

There's no systems, here.

There's, an old cash register, no POS system.

There's one speed well.

There wasn't too.

I've seen what I need to see.


Actually impressed.

They served almost everybody in the room.

In a half hour till the bugs came out.

- It's been a rough one.

We had bugs in the bottles.

We have no consistency.


Think it's best to shut it down now and get to work.

- If I can have your attention? I wanna.

Thank everybody for coming out.

We do have some problems to fix.


I wanna, welcome everybody.

Back, we'll get this right.

We'll, be on point even better than today.

(patrons applauds) Bugs in the bottles man that was horrifying.

That was absolutely horrifying.

I'm embarrassed.

- Pull, the plug.

Now I wanna talk to the staff.

I wanna expose all the problems we had tonight and I wanna talk to Steve about the future of this bar.


Do you think? - The biggest problem with today was the bugs, I'm ashamed about that.

- You had plenty of time to check the bottles before opening.

Yet customers were drinking.

Fruit flies all day.

- What is the one thing I've been on you the whole time.

What do we do every week in this building? - Check, the bottles.

- Check, the bottles.

So we've been closed and it's not an excuse, I should know better.

- Operationally, other than that.

What do you think? - Louis,? He knows how to make an old fashioned.

He choked.

- It's, not the first time Louis choked is it.

- [Steve] No, it's not., (intense music), - Look at this (beep) place.

There are bugs everywhere.

I seen bugs or two in kitchens, brother.

You got bugs underneath.

You got colonies of bugs underneath.

Heads with wings.


You got bugs everywhere, bro.

Bugs by your tools that you use to feed people.

- [Cook] I didn't even notice.


- You didn't notice.

Them? - You see how trash this kitchen is.

- Bro.

Do you see bugs right, here? - [Cook], Yeah, I, see them now.

- You're making people sick, but you don't give a damn.

- I do. - No. - That's, crazy.

- Here allow me.

Let me scrape them all.


- I, see them, I, see them, that's gross.

- That hand was sitting over there with all of the utensils on it.


He picked up his tongs and worked off of this all night.

As you sat outside and smoked.


You understand how (beep) pissed I am that you would serve this food to people? - I'm, honestly appalled., - Do.

You understand how (beep) irresponsible that is, Rod? - Yeah.

- Do, you wanna, get people (beep), sick? - Oh, no, no no.

- What.

Are you doing man? - I didn't see it.

- See, here's the deal.

I will save your ass and I will dig you out of the hole that you've dug yourself into, but I will not work in this kitchen.


Guess what you're doing all (beep) night.

- I? Don't know.

- You're cleaning, your (beep), damn kitchen., (Ron, chuckles) There, better, not be one (beep) ant here in the morning.

He is a disgrace to our industry.


Your (beep) damn kitchen, let's get outta here.

(intense music) Rod, let's go.

What'd you see? - Jon.

Besides all the (beep) flutter back here.

What pisses me off the most.

Can you do me a favor and look into these bottles for me and tell me that you're serving your guests, (beep) bugs? - What?, - They're floating around,? We can get a flashlight.

- [Woman With, Colored Hair] You're, not lying (beep)., - No, I'm, not lying, that's (beep), ridiculous.

- This is foul.

It's bad, it's disgusting and you don't know it.

- I, don't know that much about the bar business.

- But you've been in it for two (beep) years.: (Rod chuckles), Stop, (beep) drinking, stop partying and start doing.


- Okay., - Let's, get out of here.

This kitchen is infested with bugs and so are the liquor.


Tonight I expect Rodney's staff to clean this bar.

So tomorrow, I can train in it.

We proved that the town is working.

The other bars are full.

- Yeah.

- We saw that he's empty.

- Yep.

- The question is what can they do in their fault? So? We got about 100 people, we begged them to come.


Are they gonna, seize it and make money or are they gonna totally blow it? So? There we got owner, Mike, look at him. - As, an owner or manager, I.

Don't understand how you're getting slammed.

You're just still sitting there in the corner.

As an owner.

You see that you're in go mode.

- There's, Jen. - Wait, no, I'm, sorry., My, brain's, fried right, now., - Going out with Brian, the promotion manager.

This is Michael.

Michael's been here about seven years., - Lemme me double check.

- So Jen now has eight people at the bar.

She's making drinks, how many at a time, Phil? - One.

- One. - [Jon] So.

All of these people are gonna wait., - Thanks, so much. - The guy, eight drinks back is gonna, wait, 10 minutes or so for that drinks.

- At, least., - I.

Like your eye makeup.

That's a really nice color., - I feel like she's carrying on a conversation with one person.

- Oh wow.

- You have to be friendly, but you can't focus on one person for 15 minutes.

If your bar slammed.

- You gotta get while the getting's good right, now.

- She just dumped the drink into the shaker and dumped it back in the glass.

So, there's no shake in it, there's no mixing.

- So, there's one of our recon girls., Jezel and Amy went in there and I gave them smartphones.

So they can take videos for us and really evaluate the business.

There's Jezel.

- It looks like a rat just came in through here and just completely ate this couch and it's totally gum.

So gross.

- This bar is disgusting.

- Everything's.

So dirty and there's this rant smell old straight piss.

- How.

Do they expect to stand up to the competition if this place is a (beep), hole?, - Look at that guy right, there, swatting, all the flies around away.

- If I was them, I'd, be checking my drink for flies.


You see them around that's..

- Oh, yeah.


He just found a fruit fly in their drink.

- And.

The owner is sitting right: there, listening to them.

Does, nothing about it., - What's, the matter? - There's, three fruit, flies.

Can I have another one? - [Michael] That's funny, that's totally funny.

This one ain't come with that.

Oh, my God.

There really is.

- Wow.

- He made another drink with more fruit flies in it.

Can I have another one, sorry? - I'm, sorry about that. - So I just ordered this drink, which they had to remake three times, because the flies that were in it, disgusting. - Look! You, can actually see.


I can't sit here and let these people drink, this. - [Jesse], Yeah, that's gross., - I've got people drinking bugs and an owner.

That's not doing anything about it.

I can't sit here and watch this.

They cannot consume any drinks.

- They might get sick.

- (beep) (intense music) - [Jon] How you doing? Come on over here, guys.

I want you to meet these girls.


Do you think of this place? - I wouldn't come back here.

- Why? - Three margarita's all had fruit, flies.

- [Jon] So.

You didn't drink your drinks? - No. - [Jon] Did, you get another drink? - Three of them.

- Did that have fruit flies in it? - All, three of them.

- They even gave you a second chance and you blew it.

(intense music) This is your future man and you walk around like an idiot, and do nothing about it.

- I've been busy just trying to keep things.


- You looked really busy.


You sat on your ass at the corner of the bar.

You drank a beer.

Let's go to the bar.

Come on.

(intense music) Give me a bottle with some bugs in it.

(intense music) See, the bugs in there.

- [Mike], Yes. - [Jon], Drink, it! Should.

He drink it. - [Patron], Yeah!, - You.

Let them drink it! All night.

- (beep), (beep), (beep), (beep), (patrons, applaud) Whatever, flies in a drink, I'm sure I've had them.


- Nobody can drink anything in this bar.

It is totally unsafe.


This bar down, clean it up.

(glass, shatters), It's, gone. - Let's go, get outta here.

(intense music) - Don't serve anything.

Don't serve anything. - I'm, embarrassed., The, fruit flies are disgusting, embarrassing.

I, think Mike dropped ball on that.

Hopefully John Taffer will wake Mike, up.

- All right.

Now it's time to drink, I guess., (intense, music) - [Chloe], I'm Chloe.

- What is the smell?.

It smells like cat piss in here.

- It's cat piss The owner locks, her cat in here at night, sometimes to kill the rats.

- A bar that stinks from cat piss.

That's my start on this bar.


Don't you make her drink? - Sweet tea, sour - Yeah, I can I can do that., (intense, music), - Is, there's something in that bottle? (intense music) - There's, something., Wait, wait, wait, wait, come back here with that.

- I told them about this already.

- She turned it upside down and there's some things floating around in there., - [Jon] There's, a cockroach in there that's unacceptable., - [Wife] She was gonna serve that to me.

- Look at it, floating in there.

- [Chloe] Oh.

My god! - How, many other liquor bottles are like this? - At least two.

- I've never seen one like that.

- Can.

You have a mixing glass? (intense music) Look at it.

There's, one of them.

Look at that guys.

That's a roach.

- That's, disgusting, I'm, outta, here.


Don't wanna touch anything else or see anything else, I'm, repulsed.

You can't have that much filth and that many bugs in a place, unless you just don't care.

- How.

Often do you see your roach? - Everyday.

- I presume a lot.

- A few, every day.

- Probably.

- Where.

Do you see them,? Do they walk across the bar? - Yep.

- Yeah, but we had them in our cash registers with our money.

- When people ask about Head, Hunters, they're like, "Oh, that bar that smells real bad,".

That's us., - And.

What is our owner say about this stuff? - Nothing.

- I like to meet this guy, where the hell is he?: (intense, music), - Hi? How are you? - Steve, Jon Taffer.

- Pleasure to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- Thanks for coming.

- Pleasure.

Let's walk over here and talk for a minute.

- Sure.

Let's go.

- My wife orders a drink, the bottle's filled with a cockroach and bugs.

- Wow.

- The, other liquor.

Bottles are filled with bugs.

The staff told me that they see cockroaches everyday here.

I've been here for a day.

- There no cockroaches in the bottles.

- Let's go ask them., - Chloe.

- Yes.

- How.

Often do you see cockroaches here? - About, every day., - About, every day., - So.

Your staff is pulling your liquor.

Bottles, they're telling me this roaches here, every day.

You don't see it, you don't know it? - Chloe.

Why didn't you tell me about this? Why? Are you telling him that, but not me? - I've told you that we have a problem with, is why -- - You own this place, you're supposed to know these things.

- There are no bugs in the bottle.

- Do.

You know this is happening or not? Yes or no.

Do you know it? - Do I, know what? - That, there's bugs all over your bar.

- There's, bugs all over Austin.

There's bugs all over America.

This is a college town.

They don't want clean.

It's, not the culture.

Austin doesn't like that.

Is it a sterile, clean room, environment? No, it's not, we're not in that business.

You came down here.

To tell me: I have roaches in my bar.

- I came here to fix your bar, but I can't fix a bar.

- I appreciate it.

- When I'm, pouring cockroaches out of glasses, come on.

- I'm impressed with all the experience and knowledge you have in the world.

You got all the way here to tell me: I have roaches in my bar, I'm astonished.

- Really? Steve, can't admit to anything.


Tell him there's bugs in his drink.

He says, there's no bugs in the drink.

This guy is filled with excuses and holds himself unaccountable for everything.

That's gonna, change.

I know (beep).

When I see it.

- I've been in -- - They are there, either you knew it and you didn't give a (beep).

- Are.

You gonna lower your voice to talk like a man.

- Or you fixed it., - No, because you're frustrating the hell out of me.

When I talk to idiots, I get loud.

- I'm, shocked., - You live amongst the mess of cockroaches.

- Shocked at your professionalism.

- You want a professionalism., - Yeah.

- A professionalism.

Is you don't serve bugs to your customer.

- Maybe you're, the biggest bug.

- I'm responsible, even if Steve isn't.

I've only got five days to fix this bar and I? Think it's the worst bar I have ever seen.

So I'm, bringing my experts in right now and we're going to work.

Jesse's going to walk the bar, and see what other bugs and filth I haven't.



Joe's gonna come behind the bar with me and we're gonna see what's going on back there.

- There's mold everywhere in these ceilings.

This place has never been cleaned.

You see all that.

That's all mold growing.

- I never noticed it.

- Yeah.

It's not connected to the ceiling.

It's falling in your drinks.

- That's, wild. - [Jesse] Which means your drinking mold?.

- Let's show what happens when a moron defends.

Failure? This is what happens.

- Oh my god.

- [Jon] There is about 30 cockroaches in there.

Look at that., - Seeing, that many cockroaches was disgusting.

- Look at this guys.

Those are bugs.

Those are cockroaches.

- He had people standing in the crowd, looking at him with utter disgust, and he was still sitting there.

Smiling and laughing thinking.

It was a joke, and that it was funny.

It's, not a joke.

This is the livelihood of a good 10 to 15 people.


You need to get angry at this.

You need to be embarrassed about this.

Take, accountability. - John Taffer flew off the handle about bugs.


We created a drink after him called The Bug Bomb., (laughs), - I am gonna, get on the phone and I am gonna fumigate.

This building, tonight.

You didn't have the balls to do.

It, I'm, gonna.

You didn't write the check, I'm gonna.

I, your employees, Joe, and you Jesse, you're not walking back in this building.

Until we can do so, safely.

And you, my friend, (intense music), are an (beep).

After 35 years, I found it.

This is the worst (beep) bar I have ever seen.

I am gonna fix.

It cause this (beep) didn't.

See you tomorrow., (intense, music), (upbeat, music), - He, looks mean again.

- Hey guys.

Only three days from now, guys, I have to open a new bar that you would be proud.

Of, like the concept and set us up to move forward.

When, there's bugs in my drink, I stopped thinking about everything.


So I called in a professional yesterday.

I want you to be as grossed out and angry at this as I am.

Look at this guys.

This is during the exterminators sprays.

Last night, just watch it.

(intense music) Here's.

What he wrote, that the conditions note in are a health hazard and a public danger.

There was substantial, fecal matter, egg, casings and mutilated road carcasses.

- (beep) That was a (beep) load of them.

No, wonder I'm, always sick.

- If I have cockroaches walking across our customers.

You are all screwed.

- [Narrator] If.

You see one or two cockroaches at a bar.

You can bet.

There are thousands more.

When, there's a roach infestation.

They emit a strong musk which draws more roaches, forming massive colonies like the ones that Head Headhunters.

Inside the bar, under the stage and behind the bamboo wall.

Cockroaches, don't just seem filthy.

They are filthy and carry up to 30 different diseases, including salmonella and dysentery, which they can spread to glassware and countertops, leaving no visible signs of bacteria.

With, a roach infested bar.

Even the classes that seem clean are heavily contaminated.

- This infestation, according to the professionals, came from at least four and a half years of complete neglect.

- This is Austin.

Every bar I go to as roaches.

We have a staff that needs to do their job.

They need to clean wells.

It's in the job description.

So now we know the source.

- I took it seriously, you blew it off.

- Did, the best I could on our resources.

It's not like I didn't do anything., - More and more (beep).

- Cleaning, the bar.

Since it's been open.

- This is your fault.


Is your neglect.

Now, you guys were exposed to 30 different types of bacteria.

You brought feces home to your apartment.

You slept in your bed with them.


Dare you risk your employees, risk? Your customers? I am gonna fix this and if I have to run over you to do it, understand Steve, I am gonna.

Do it.

(intense music) I'm gonna get your starting point: that's clean, safe and it starts right.


We have some cleaning to do.

Come on in.

(intense music) I want you to look around at the bugs.


Just want you guys to see the magnitude of this.

There's thousands of carcasses.

Now Steve, you're gonna have a drink? - You're kidding me? - So, it's okay! If your customers consume it, but you won't.

You, see the point? - Yeah.

- Throw out all these bottles, I can't save any of it.

I want this place clean and I.

Want you doing.


I want you immersed in sludge.

(intense music), (Steve, sighs), - Wow.

My bar needs to be cleaned.


You guys are horrible.

- Yes.

This isn't my job.

- It.

Is your job.

You clean the well., - No, it's not., - You, know what? If, you paid me.

Then it would be my job, but you don't.

It, would take me hours, hours to clean this bar.

Why the (beep) would I do that for you, Steve? - Because, then you'd be a professional.

- You're, a piece of (beep).

- We, don't get paid anything, we get paid tips and that's it.


We have to come into work two hours early, so we can clean the bar and stock it for free and then we may or may not make $20 (scoffs).

- Why.

Don't you just leave then, you're, not doing any good? - She's doing every good, here.

- You aint doing here (beep) here except bitching., - The, you should leave.

- Why, don't you leave? - Because you're, the problem.

- Your job is to clean the wells and the bottles.

- My job is to serve drinks for tips.

- No, they're not.

- That's is my job.

- (indistinct) - If, you wanna run a business.

You gotta pay your employees.

He just chooses not to pay them and I won't tolerate it.

(Air swooshes) - So.

You know how much I bust my ass here.

I'm here all day, every day, all week.

- So.

The place is organized, and clean, and together.

- Of course. - Oh, okay.

Well, then we'll see about that, won't we? (intense music) Let's see what we got, JP.

- There's a smell back, here.


Guessing this area's not been touched.

- Look at this., It's, bacteria., That's, gross.

We've walked two feet into your bar and look at this.

- That's, the bartender's job to clean.

- And.

It's your job to make sure they do.

You're gonna, blame them., - Cause I can't do everything., - You just told me: you did everything.

What else.

We got me, Mia? - I wanna check some bottles.

I'm, seeing fruit, flies.

- We have fruit flies here, guys flying around.

- Yep, got them.


- [Jon], Oh!, - There's, a big one.

In this one.

It's like a moth or something.

(intense, music) - [Jon], How bad is that?.

- I think this is the worst one that we've seen.

This is dry.


- Oh, my God! - [Mia] Dry vermouth should look clear.

(intense, music), Anybody, wanna, drink that? - [Jon] I want you to see something.

(intense music) Oh, my God! (intense music) - [Jon] I have never seen anything like that in my life.

30 years in this business is that unbelievable.

- That's bull, (beep).

I checked all these bottles.

This is a setup because that (beep).

- This is a set up.

- That was clean.

- So.

We went out and caught all of these with little traps.

Little traps, everywhere.

Then I, peeled them off the trap and I put them in this bottle.

You're a moron to even suggest such a thing.

Come on man.

- Bull, (beep) - You're, gonna insult my intelligence and them.

This bar is failing because of you, because you don't do (beep), but (beep) your family.

Let's get the hell away from this.


This is disgusting.


When I get back here you better be covered in (beep) filth, because that's what you deserve.

(intense music) - Somebody, needs to kick that guy's ass.

(upbeat music), - Hi.

This is John Taffer.

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What episode of Bar Rescue was removed? ›

The show revolves around Jon Taffer travelling to various bars in need of repair or funding and helping the owners out. Over 100 episodes of the show have been made, including an episode that wasn't supposed to air titled "Music City Mess".

How much of Bar Rescue is scripted? ›

having known a bar that went through the show process, it is largely fake in the sense, the bar and the surroundings are largely not what the show portrays them as." There have also been several blog posts that have described their accounts, stating Bar Rescue's portrayal is totally inaccurate and at times, fabricated.

Do bars pay to be on Bar Rescue? ›

The owners of the bars featured on the show do not pay for the renovations directly. Still, they do have to agree to certain conditions, such as relinquishing some control over the bar's operation during the renovation process and agreeing to follow the advice and direction of host Jon Taffer and his team.

Does John Taffer get paid? ›

But here's what might surprise you: Jon doesn't actually make a profit from the bars he rescues on the show. He does receive a fee for his services and uses the show to promote other businesses, but the exact percentage is unknown.

Has there ever been a fight on Bar Rescue? ›

Taffer and Ami Benari were separated so the ugly wrestling match didn't escalate into a knock-down, drag-out fist fight. "This is the first physical altercation I've ever been in," says Taffer, who got in Benari's face after the bar owner insulted Brian Duffy, "Bar Rescue's" consulting chef for the episode.

What is the most expensive Bar Rescue? ›

The LA Brewing Company rescue. According to BroBible, the project came to Taffer and his team because the LA Brewing company needed help resurrecting the brand after a legal dispute. Taffer and his team took on the challenge, spending $125,000 to add a colossal beer brewing setup at the bar.

What was the first bar on Bar Rescue? ›

Angels Sports Bar

Does John Taffer take a percentage? ›

It is commonly believed that Taffer takes a percentage of the businesses he rescues; however, this is totally untrue. All renovations and improvements are paid for by sponsors, with no cost to the businesses.

Who pays on Bar Rescue? ›

My sponsors and I pay for everything. The owner doesn't pay one dime. We even leave them with food & beverage inventory, along with plates, silverware, glassware, and everything they need.

What happened to the forbidden bar on Bar Rescue? ›

YNot Sports Pub in Everett, Washington, which was featured on season 5 of Bar Rescue has closed. The bar was renamed to The Forbidden Pub during the Bar Rescue makeover, but they quickly switched the name back to YNot Sports Pub.

Has anyone ever punched the guy from Bar Rescue? ›

I've never been hit, or hit anyone in my life. Brian Duffy is a dear friend of mine, and one the nicest people ever. And Ami attacked him in such a personally degrading way, that's what created the altercation.

What is the North Carolina bar on Bar Rescue? ›

Latitudes is the third North Carolina bar to be featured on the show this season. Rio Ultra Lounge, formerly 360 Lounge Reloaded, and Hickory's Gateway Pub & Grill were featured March 19 and April 23, respectively.

What percentage of Bar Rescue bars stay open? ›

Among the bars and restaurants which have survived, Taffer says he thinks between 22 percent and 25 percent will close nationwide.

What rapper was on Bar Rescue? ›

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Jon -- joined by rapper T-Pain -- is in Sacramento, CA, to convince Kings fan Chris he needs to change his sports bar concept if he's ever going to make money.

Why is Bar Rescue season 3 episode 10 not on Paramount? ›

Note: Due to a lawsuit involving the Taffers and the bar's former owner, this episode no longer airs in reruns on Paramount Network or appears on the network's website and app. It also does not appear on Paramount+.

Why do they wear the same clothes on Bar Rescue? ›

Sound effects were added to make it appear that he had thrown the plate down, explained Jen, and bleeps were added to imply that Flore was swearing at them as he walked away. "My reaction shots were totally shot out of sequence," explained Flore. "That's why they had me wear the same shirt for three days.

How does Bar Rescue get paid? ›

In a Q&A on Taffer's website, he explains that he and his sponsors pay for everything on "Bar Rescue" in terms of renovations, and even provides a full food and beverage inventory, along with dining ware, and bar supplies. His sponsors also do a good job of opening their hearts, pockets, and checkbooks as well.

Who is the bar fixer guy? ›

Jon Taffer, a bar/nightclub consultant, and his team of experts offer their expertise, helping real bar owners "rescue" their failing establishments by overcoming challenges and possibly saving them from closing.

Is the chicken bone still open? ›

The Chicken Bone / The Bone closed in November 2014. They closed after failing to reopen after closing for the summer due to low trade. They delayed the reopening many times before the business was put up for sale for $175,000, confirming that it was closing. They blame the closure on the economy.

How many business does John Taffer own? ›

He has owned 17 different hospitality businesses, founded consulting firm Taffer Dynamics, and even helped create the NFL's “Sunday Ticket.”

Who is Jon Taffer's wife? ›

Taffer lives in Las Vegas. He has been married to his wife Nicole, since 2000. Taffer also has a daughter named Samantha, from a previous marriage.

Does Jon Taffer own any restaurants? ›

After many years of restaurant industry experience and lessons learned, Jon created Taffer's Tavern, an innovative, casual dining restaurant franchise concept that provides a solution for many of the woes that plague the restaurant industry.

Is Jon Taffer a millionaire? ›

What is Jon Taffer's net worth and salary? Jon Taffer is an American restaurateur and businessman who has a net worth of $14 million. Credited for creating the concept of the NFL Sunday Ticket, Jon Taffer is also well known for his role as the host of Paramount's Bar Rescue.

What percentage of Bar Rescue is success? ›

80% of the bars that he rescues are successful. I did google searches for every bar in the first season, of those 10, only 2 seem to still be in business today under the name they had before or after the rescue.

What degrees does John Taffer have? ›

He attended high school at William A. Shine Great Neck South High School and, after graduating, proceeded to further his education at the University of Denver and studied political science and cultural anthropology.

What episode is Zan Z bar bar rescue? ›

Jon travels to Denver, Colorado and attempts to help Avi, the owner of Zan Z Bar.

How tall is John Taffer? ›

What happened to the dirty rooster on Bar Rescue? ›

Dirty Rooster closed in December 2015. Scott sued both the bar and Robert for $125,000. They had to pay the state of Illinois $12,000 after being shown giving away alcohol during the episode. Robert sold the POS system and other items from the renovation to pay the state the money owed.

What is the average cost of Bar Rescue? ›

The 'Bar Rescue' finances are complicated.

Some sources say that the network's budget is quite big, in the $100,000 per episode range. These fees helps cover construction, tables, seats, a POS system, and bar taps.

What happened to Russell Davis? ›

Russell Davis, 70, of Seabrook, N.H., acknowledged committing three types of felonies – including rape of a child under age 16 - during a change-of-plea hearing in Salem before Superior Court Judge Thomas Dreschler. The judge sentenced Davis to three to four years in state prison, followed by three years of probation.

What was the first Bar Rescue episode? ›

What does Jon Taffer do now? ›

Host & Executive Producer - @barrescuetv. NY Times Best Selling Author. Founder - @tafferstavern. Creator - @taffersbrownedbutterbourbon_

Why is season 3 episode 10 of Bar Rescue not on Paramount? ›

Note: Due to a lawsuit involving the Taffers and the bar's former owner, this episode no longer airs in reruns on Paramount Network or appears on the network's website and app.

What episode is drunken donkey on Bar Rescue? ›

36 - Green Walls and Donkey Balls - Full Episode | Paramount Network.

What episode is Dirty Rooster Bar Rescue? ›

In this episode, Jon Taffer and his team visited Antioch, IL to try to rescue The Dirty Rooster. Jon and his experts made over the bar by giving it a new look, new theme, and a new name.

Why was Bar Rescue cancelled? ›

Why was Bar Rescue canceled? Bar Rescue has not been canceled. The first five seasons aired on Spike, and the most recent three seasons aired on Paramount Network due to a shakeup by the parent company of both networks, ViacomCBS.

Are all episodes of 1923 available on Paramount? ›

All Season 1 episodes of 1923, the next installment in the Yellowstone saga, are streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Watch 1923 On Paramount+!

How do I get 1923 on Paramount? ›

  1. How to watch '1923' You can watch "1923" exclusively on Paramount Plus. ...
  2. Can I watch '1923' for free? You can watch "1923" for free if you sign up for a Paramount Plus trial. ...
  3. How many episodes are in '1923' season one? The first season of "1923" features a total of eight episodes. ...
  4. Has '1923' been renewed for season 2?
Feb 27, 2023

How many bars does Jon Taffer own? ›

With his expertise in managing bars, it's no surprise that Taffer went on to own 17 different hospitality businesses. But here's what might surprise you: Jon doesn't actually make a profit from the bars he rescues on the show.

Does Jon Taffer have a wife? ›

Taffer lives in Las Vegas. He has been married to his wife Nicole, since 2000.

What happened to Butcher and Brew Bar Rescue? ›

During the rescue, which happened back in March of this year, Jon decided to change the name of the Drunken Donkey to the Butcher & Brew Pub. The bar is still operating under the new name.

What season is pie hard on Bar Rescue? ›

Bar Rescue - Season 6, Ep. 31 - Pie Hard - Full Episode | Paramount Network.

What episode is bar rescue with Tim Ripper Owens? ›

Bar Rescue - Season 4, Ep. 33 - Ripper's Rookie House - Full Episode | Paramount Network.

What episode is Galloping Goose on Bar Rescue? ›

Watch Bar Rescue Season 4 Episode 51: Raising Arizona - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video. The owner of The Gallopin' Goose ruined his marriage and his bar's reputation when he had an illicit affair that resulted in a child.

What episode is bacon bar on Bar Rescue? ›

Watch Bar Rescue Season 6 Episode 45: Back to the Bar: The Power of Bacon and Beer - Full show on Paramount Plus.

What episode of Bar Rescue is the zombie bar? ›

Bar Rescue - Season 3, Ep. 21 - Jon of the Dead - Full Episode | Paramount Network. Jon needs to change the attitude of a crass bartender and tweak the grisly decor if he hopes to save the Las Vegas goth bar The Underworld.

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