Bianca Belair vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch – Road to WWE Hell in a Cell 2022: WWE Playlist (2023)


Before Bianca Belair defends the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Hell in a Cell, see how this rivalry took shape.
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[Noise] >> You, you all get to witness and be.

Inspired by my rise.

By my climb back to my pride.

My title, my precious.

When I overcome your hometown girl, Bianca Belair.

And then I'll be the champion again, and nobody.

Nobody will ever be, able to beat me.

I'll be the champion forever.

No, no, no, nobody's gonna be able to stop me, not Bianca, not Sonya, not Liv, not Dana Brooke, not Tamina, not- >> What? Is it? It is.

>> Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

>> Asuka is back.

>> The Empress of Tomorrow, making her returns on Monday Night, Raw., >>, Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome,! Awesome.! >>! [Laugh]! >>! [Noise]! >>.


Will stop you [LAUGH]? Because no one is ready for Asuka, whoa.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Whoa.! >>! [Noise]! >>! You! Basically, did the same thing that Asuka did to you.? You.

Surprise! Bianca! Belair? Who wasn't expecting you and and you won? That championship at 26-? >>? Roll up from Asuka.? Uh-Oh,? Uh-Oh,? Kick out just in time, to the armbar.

>>? Same old transition.! >>! I! Hadn't! Handed Bianca! My title! Beforehand.


Deserve more respect than that.

Okay! Byron? >> Triangle transition now from Asuka.

>> Absolutely true.

It was a magnanimous selfless act from you, Becky to present Asuka respectfully with your Women's Championship at the time.

>> Look at Bianca.

Look at Bianca., >> The triangle, and, my god, the power of Bianca Belair, looking to rampage her out and she does.

>> Becky.

You have felt that power, before.

>> Becky just passed me a note asking that you no longer speak about her, [LAUGH]., >> Becky just got herself into the match.

>> Done with commentary, I see.

>> [NOISE] >> Bringing Bianca Belair into the steps.

>> [NOISE] >> Becky Lynch, couldn't even sit by.

Let's the spotlight be on someone else.

Beyond Asuka, beyond Bianca Belair knows, it's gonna be on about Big Time Beck.

>> Asuka called Becky a crybaby earlier after the most selfless act of Becky Lynch's career., >> Now, taking it out on Asuka! >> But Becky can handle a little name, calling out, is that where we're at?, >> No, Becky simply believed she deserve better treatment.

>> [NOISE] >> Right now, it's Asuka, looking like a baby.

>> [NOISE] >> She, believes in a comeback.

She believes she's destined to reclaim her title and Asuka's is in the way.

She's trying to show her now, Manhandle slam.

>> [NOISE] >> Uh-oh.

>> The strategy of Becky Lynch, allowing herself to be distracted with Bianca, who, in Bianca's defense, hasn't done anything wrong out.


Just., >>, [NOISE], >> How Bianca used as a weapon?, >> I.

Think Lynch was trying to draw Belair into striking her to win the match by disqualification.


Another example of the veteran brilliance, a win by any means, earned the opportunity.


>> Bianca pied with the chair, Becky needs to focus on Asuka.

>> Uh-oh.

She hasn't been yet, but now, very upset.


There is irate and Lynch now.

It's Asuka's umbrella.

>> Turn around, ref., >>, [NOISE], >> Mist to the face, shoulders, down, one, two, three, a win for Asuka.

>> Here's, your winner, Asuka.

Asuka, was looking for the Asuka Lock.

>> Uh-oh.

>> My god.

>> [NOISE] >> Kick to the face just took out.

Bianca Belair.

>> Asuka inadvertently, striking around with the champion.

>> Count, is at seven.

>> Eight.

>> Asuka's got to hurry.

>> [NOISE] >> At.

The last possible second, Asuka makes the count, but hold on.

>> Shoulders down.

>> One, two three.

[SOUND] >> A win for Becky Lynch.

>> Bianca still hasn't moved.

>> Here's your winner, Becky Lynch.

>> [NOISE] >> See, some people, some people.

They collect stamps.

Some people collect friends, me, me, I collect enemies.

And I'm gonna, keep collecting them as I rise to the top, because that lets me know that I'm on track., And I know I'm on track, because I am days away from regaining my title.

At Hell in Cell., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Now, I know the odds are stacked against me, but haven't they always been? That, never stopped me before, because I defied the odds, I defy convention.

>> Your are still a big time, baby, yeah, [SOUND].

>> I'm, a baby, I'm, a baby, I'm, not the one- >> [FOREIGN] No one is ready for Asuka.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Not Bianca, not Becky, because at Hell in a Cell, I'm ready to be the new Raw Women Champion.

>> [NOISE] >> So, Asuka- >> [NOISE] >> I do respect you, but now, girl.

You kicked me last week.

So in this match.

Tonight, I'm gonna have a lot to say.

>> [NOISE], >>, And, Becky, girl, I cannot wait to give you a piece of my mind on Sunday at Hell in a Cell [LAUGH].

>> [NOISE], >> Because I.

Don't care what my eyes are.

The only percentage that I'm sure about is that this is 100% not going anywhere.

>> [APPLAUSE], >>, And, If I have to, I will 100% drop you just like I did at WrestleMania >> [NOISE] >> Cheap shot from Becky Lynch.

>> Here comes Asuka now, going after Lynch.

>> Here's the combustible situation to kick off.

Monday Night Raw.

>> Here's the taste of what it's gonna be like on Sunday.

>>, We're gonna get a preview later tonight when Asuka and Belair square off., We're gonna preview right, now., >>, It may start right.

>> And the opportunistic Lynch now, hoisting, up, KOD incoming.

>> It, might happen a week.


>> [LAUGH] Man.

>> /l.

This does not end well for Becky Lynch., >>, [NOISE], >>.

Both of these superstars have been distracted tonight and they have both paid.


Asuka wants the Asuka Lock, Belair fighting with everything in her power.

>> Belair understands the desperation time right now, trying to wiggle free somehow.

>> Can't be distracted from this Triple Threat.

That's what I'm gonna be the winner.

>> Asuka, trying to get that right hook in and really get pressure on, it.

>> And, the wheel of determination of the Raw's Women's Champion.

>> At, this juncture, Becky, you've got to be expecting to just pick the bones, this Sunday.

>>, I, sure, am, I, sure, am, I just hope they keep going.

Let's go.

We got three hours of Monday Night Raw, I wanna see these fight all night long.

>> Great transition to the back.

>> Face.

First goes, Asuka, here comes Belair.

>> Asuka out of the way just in time.

>> Inside cradle, that's it, blocked by Belair., >> Reversal and that's three.

>> And wait a minute., >> Wait, wait.

>> Becky Lynch in the ring.

>> Becky Lynch wasting no time inserting herself the moment.

This match.


>>, Listen, Becky Lynch is out here for a reason.

This must be it.

>> Exactly, soften up some more, soften up.


>> This is Manhandle slam.

>> Soften up Bianca Belair.

>> This is brilliant.

This is a perfect illustration of how clever, of how crappy, Becky Lynch truly is.


Why Becky Lynch, this Sunday? Maybe your next Raw Women's Champion.

>> [NOISE].


Who won WrestleMania 2022 Bianca vs Becky? ›

Full Match Results

Bianca Belair defeated Becky Lynch by pinfall to win the Raw Women's Championship. Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins by pinfall.

Who won against Bianca Belair and Asuka? ›

Asuka Defeats Bianca Belair, Wins Raw Women's Title at WWE Night of Champions 2023. Asuka defeated Bianca Belair at Night of Champions on Saturday to become the new Raw women's champion and end The EST of WWE'S reign of over 400 days.

Did Bianca Belair win her match at WrestleMania? ›

Bianca Belair beat Asuka on Night 2 of WrestleMania 39 on Sunday to retain the Raw Women's Championship and extend her yearlong title reign. The Empress of Tomorrow appeared to have the titleholder in trouble on occasion, but The EST of WWE found a way to counter her opponent and keep hold of her belt.

Did Becky Lynch win against Bianca? ›

The Empress of Tomorrow was victorious after spraying Lynch in the eyes with green mist behind the referee's back, but Big Time Becks received another opportunity to enter the title bout. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who won between Belair and Lynch? ›

Bianca Belair Defeats Becky Lynch, Retains Raw Women's Title at WWE SummerSlam 2022 | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report.

Why did Becky Lynch lose at WrestleMania 38? ›

I'm by myself, of course it threw me off my game," Lynch said (h/t GiveMeSport). "I didn't have an army, which is why I lost. I didn't know — maybe someone was going to come and hit me with a trombone in the back of the head.

How fast did Becky beat Bianca? ›

The story between these two superstars goes way back, in fact. Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch were engaged in a rivalry on Smackdown for a long time. It began after the latter returned and beat Belair for the Smackdown Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2021 in just 26 seconds.

Who will fight Roman Reigns in WrestleMania? ›

Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes: WWE News: For WrestleMania 2023, the WWE's largest annual event returns to Hollywood.

What happened to Asuka WWE 2023? ›

Following her first WWE (Raw) Women's Championship win, Asuka became the third Women's Triple Crown Champion and the second Women's Grand Slam Champion. After her Elimination Chamber match win in 2023, she became the only woman in WWE to win the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber matches.

Who is the WWE women's universal champion? ›

It is one of two women's world titles for WWE's main roster, along with the Women's World Championship on Raw. The current champion is Asuka, who is in her record-tying second reign. She won the title as the Raw Women's Championship by defeating Bianca Belair at Night of Champions on May 27, 2023.

How did Asuka win the title? ›

Asuka misted her her own fingers, digging them into Belair's eyes as Belair went for the KOD to blind the champion. Asuka would hit multiple kicks to the head to pin Belair and capture the title. This marks the third reign with the WWE Raw Women's Title for Asuka and her first since losing it in April 2021.

Did Asuka win WrestleMania? ›

Asuka at WWE WrestleMania 39. Bianca Belair beat Asuka in an unbelievable WrestleMania match.

Has Asuka won at WrestleMania? ›

However, Asuka's contributions in the WWE have pushed her to be one of the most popular women on the roster. Yet she's never picked up a win at WrestleMania.

Who is the longest reigning WWE Raw women's champion? ›

Bianca Belair Celebrates Becoming Longest-Reigning WWE Raw Women's Champion.

Who defeated Becky Lynch in WWE? ›

At night one of the event, Becky Lynch lost her title to Bianca Belair, ending her reign at 162 days.

Who won the Raw women's championship? ›

Image of Who won the Raw women's championship?
Kanako Urai is a Japanese professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Asuka and is the current WWE Women's Champion in her third reign—she won the title as the Raw Women's Championship and it was renamed during her current reign.

Who won the raw women's championship at WrestleMania 39? ›

Bianca Belair Defeats Asuka, Retains Raw Women's Title at WWE WrestleMania 39. Bianca Belair beat Asuka on Night 2 of WrestleMania 39 on Sunday to retain the Raw Women's Championship and extend her yearlong title reign.

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