Disney's All Star Movie Resort Updated Tour! | Hotel Grounds Tour, Food Locations, Gift Shop & More (2023)


Today we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Disney's All Star Movies Resort. We’re covering the rooms, food court, pools, transportation and more!

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All right, so if you are planning your next family vacation to Disney World you're going to want to watch this video, because it is awesome because it is awesome, so we stayed at Disney's, All-Star Movies Resort.

So when you first check-ins, they have the red carpet laid out for you.

There you go and then, as you walk in, they have another red carpet for you.

And if your kids are, you know, Cranky from the plane ride, uh, there's a little area that they're playing movies, they can come in Lounge uh.

You can grab a snack.

So that's super cool.

As you can see, it's all movie themed.

They have the stars on the wall, they have all the characters, awesome, um, all the cast members and anyone who works here interacts with you.

Our kids have had a great time.

So if you already haven't spent enough money uh, you can come in their Disney Store right in the main lobby and buy more stuff.

Of course, right outside the lobby is the restaurant that is all movie themed.

Um right here later on in the day, is someone? That's drawing characters uh.

So it's practice time here at the.

I guess you don't call it a cafeteria.

I got pancakes, I got waffles, they got sausage, they got bacon.

What else? What did you have? Um yeah? He had a choo choo train.

I don't know what that means.

He had a Mickey waffle.

I also have this mobile order pickup station.

So if you don't feel like sitting down and and grabbing something, you can just hop on the app and order, your food right here and then just pick it up right there, which is kind of nice.

They got the lights on the ceiling that are pretty cool.

It's like old Hollywood - oh my God, honestly anything you want you can get in here.

You don't have to leave the resort.

You could even buy these and, if you're staying here for a few days, you can refill them for free the whole timing.

Here, uh, we ended up buying one, it was like 24, but you can refill it with coffee pop anything.

You want and it's open 24 hours a day got this cup Epcot on it.

Kevin Ariel's, dad if you've ever watched it and asked.

Of course, there's a barcode in it and all you do is you scan it and you get your soda and you can get as many as you want.

As long as you stay here of the cafeteria area? Is the arcade and it's pretty big? It's decent sized arcade, you can put money on a card and let your kids play in here.

So this is where you would get a card put money on it and then let your kids run around here and go crazy.

They have air hockey, they got ski ball, they got tons of games in here.

So if you're waiting to go to the park or just hanging out in the hotel, you can bring your kids in here and they can go crazy.

They also have this little area.

If you're a parent - and you want to get a massage all your kids are running around playing video games, you can hop in one of these and then once you leave the main lobby or the main building, you walk right into the main pool, and it's all A Fantasia themed this place is amazing.

If you've got kids, definitely would bring them here.

There's so many things to do.

There's a little restaurant bar area, race out the pool you don't even have to bring your own swimmies or life vests.

They have everything for you.

They got cornhole uh, the pool's amazing underwater.

You got a Mickey Mouse ice cream.

How do you like the pool so far right outside the big pool? Is this little splash pool got little kids or toddlers coming here and they could just hang out.

I don't know why everyone's getting here is it hot kind of cool the gas fear kid go through it, and then right here is where the bathrooms are, and laundry is right here as well.

So if you have to wash your clothes or go to the bathroom, this is the spot all right.

So, while we're over here, we might as well check it out um if you got to do laundry.

This is the spot.

There's a vending machine in here.

If you get thirsty uh, you obviously have some washers a whole row of dryers and a whole another row of washing machines.

If you obviously forgot to bring detergent, you have a vending machine for that.

So that's kind of nice um a lot of families here, a lot of poopy diapers, I'm sure they're doing laundry be outside the pool.

Is this place called Silver Screen spirits, and this is the only place on property where you can grab an alcoholic beverage.

The cool thing about this place is there's like four or five different themes, and each section is themed to that movie uh.

We stayed at Toy Story, Land.

Look at that, it's Woody Leo.

Who is that Buzz, Lightyear? Look at this huge door! That's how you get into Andy's room, another cool thing.

They have like this life-size checkered board and then over here they have a chess board.

I'M not smart enough to know how to play chess.

So if your kids do what you do uh, you can come right here and play let's check it out, scan your card.

I am scanning my call and what do I do with it all right, let's check this out.

This is our room when you first walk in there's this little shelf area, and it comes with this little coffee station with Disney's Joffrey, coffery coffee, uh, an ice bucket and and a little fridge that it really can't store too much in but uh we put our Water in there for now um and then right there is like our luggage Avery.

You want to show them where your bed is so this little contraption uh safe room, there's like this table and then the bed pulls down which will show you in a second.

We haven't actually done it yet um there we go and then they got a TV right on the wall.

It's kind of nice because it's got the uh All-Star Movies on it and it says, welcome valued guest and then we have the one bed and then obviously this one turns into a bed and then they were supposed to give us a crib for Leo.

But we got a call back down, so the closet is in the bathroom uh.

You got your mirror, that's an awesome door.

You can just shut, it is going to the bath and we're taking a shower.

So it's kind of small in here, but it's like super clean and it's look.

It looks like they renovated it.

The bathrooms, you know not the best but, like I said it's clean um, it's not very modern, but it is what it is.

We won't be here that long uh we'll be in the Parks, so it's not bad, so this is kind of nice.

They do.

Uh include a.

What do you call this Lisa, a clothesline in the bathtub, so you can dry your wet swimsuits like we are doing after swimming, so there's your baby sleeping bathroom area and then there's your sink and then there's your closet comes with a iron uh.

What do you call that snow, blower, hair, blower, hair dryer, so there you go, that is the bedroom and All Stars movie Resort um, not bad.

It is newly renovated from what I read um the headboard is pretty cool and uh.

That's our bed! Let's check out, you want to help me: do this yeah all right so now our room has two beds, one right here: one right there um and it's themed um.

What is that? What is that called DuckTales yeah, themed DuckTales, so very nice room can't complain.

They're utilizing as much of the space as they can foreign.

We put the bed back up and then you have a little table with two chairs, so pretty cool, oh, that that bed doesn't go up buddy! So uh we woke up uh we're ready to go to the park and, as we come our room uh, they got this whole activity where they're handing out uh, coloring books and stickers to the kids, all the cast members they're blowing bubbles.

So uh, that's just another feature of uh staying at a Disney Resort.

I guess it's pretty cool, so the nice thing about this Resort is, since we are staying on Disney property, we have a bus to anywhere.

We want to go like Disney Springs or any of the parks they run about every 20 minutes so hop in line, and you just wait for your bus and there you go free of charge.

So another cool thing about this Resort is there's five themed areas that you can stay at obviously, there's Toy Story which we're staying at there's: a Dalmatian area, a Fantasia area, Mighty Ducks area and Herbie the car area.

So I'm gon na quickly show you those areas.

They'Re, pretty cool, I don't think you can pick where you want to stay.

We were lucky, we wanted toy store and we got put there but uh I'll.

Give you a quick tour of what those areas look like and, of course, there's a second pool, and that is in the Mighty Ducks area.

So I'll show you that too.

What I like about this place is they have all these, like Larger than Life, characters themed to each area that they're in so there's a huge Dalmatian? Well, it's a really cool photo opportunity for you and your kids to come.

You can see right here, there's like a little screen and TV.

You can take pictures in it.

So this is the end of the Dalmatians area.

Uh there's a little fire, hydrant staircase, that's pretty cool and then once you walk through that, you start to get into the Mighty Ducks area where the second pool is and, as you could see, there's locker rooms themed to Mighty docks.

I think those are the bathrooms and then this is the Mighty Ducks pool.

Here's a cool another little photo opportunity for you to come and take a picture next to Goofy and Mighty Ducks uh outfit.

They have hockey sticks and pucks attached to the buildings, and then they have like these gold posts for the stairs.

So super cool, your next area after Mighty Ducks is Fantasia.

So this is what the Fantasia area looks like.

It's got.

These huge characters attached to the building, and then it obviously is themed right into the main pool this guy at night is super creepy.

Then they got a ballerina and some soldiers and then right in the area of Fantasia.

This is where they do s'mores every night.

I think it's from five to seven uh.

You can bring your kids here and they Supply the chocolate and the marshmallows and the graham crackers and then here's another little photo op for your kids to take a picture.

Next to these guys and then Fantasia Lander, the area of Fantasia, I don't know what you caught leads right into this little Herbie Love Bug area, it's pretty cool.

They got all these cars that look like they're smashed into a building.

Here Comes Goofy.

How you doing? That's awesome.

Look at that.

So, as you can see, we got some characters walking around the park.

So if your kids are here, they can take pictures of them.

That's another perk of staying on Disney property.


Disney's All Star Movie Resort Updated Tour! | Hotel Grounds Tour, Food Locations, Gift Shop & More? ›

Disney's All-Star Movies

Anytime we think about All-Star Movies, one of the first things that comes to mind is one of the best secret menu experiences we have had. It involved a Viewmaster. Yes, the menu is really in there! The experience started by asking a Cast Member for the secret menu.

Is there still a secret menu in All-Star Movies? ›

Disney's All-Star Movies

Anytime we think about All-Star Movies, one of the first things that comes to mind is one of the best secret menu experiences we have had. It involved a Viewmaster. Yes, the menu is really in there! The experience started by asking a Cast Member for the secret menu.

What is the best location at All Star Movies Resort? ›

“Preferred Location” at the All Star Movies Resort are rooms closest to Cinema Hall Lobby and World Premiere Food Court. Currently, buildings 1 & $ (101 Dalmations), 5 & 8 (Fantasia) and 9 & 10 (Toy Story) are in the preferred category. All other rooms are the same no matter what view or location you have.

How far is McDonald's from All Star Movies Resort? ›

It's also possible to walk from the All-Star Resorts to the only on-property McDonald's. Depending on which All-Star you're in, it's about a half mile to just over a mile walk.

Does Disney All Star Movie resort have free breakfast? ›

No. However, you should be able to find a dining location offering breakfast at your Disney Resort hotel. Disney dining plans are also available as an option to Disney Resort Hotel Packages, and many of these convenient plans do include breakfast options.

Is there a fridge in the All Star Movies rooms? ›

In-Room Refrigerators and Beverage Coolers

Many of our Disney Resort hotels come equipped with either an in-room refrigerator or a small beverage cooler—including: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. Disney's All-Star Music Resort.

Does All Star Movies have coffee? ›

Yes, the All-Star Movies Resort has the Cuisinart Single-Serve coffee makers available in the room, which is super convenient. Joffrey's coffee is made available to you, and they come in the form of coffee pods and not K-cups.

What resort do celebrities stay at in Disney World? ›

Celebrities seeking VIP access and luxury accommodations often stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa when visiting Disney World. The resort's Victorian elegance and fine dining are a favorite among celebs, as well as its easy access to the theme parks.

Is a preferred room worth it at All-Star Movies? ›

If you want to be in closer proximity to both the food court and to hop on a bus and also don't mind paying more, then you may want to consider booking a Preferred Room. The buildings are also themed to different Disney movies, including 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, Mighty Ducks, Love Bug, and Toy Story.

Can you walk to all of the All-Star Resorts? ›

Guests are discouraged from walking at night. There are no theme parks or other resorts which can be reached from the ALL STAR Resorts on foot. The three All Star Resorts can all be walk to from each other. The farthest point at All Star Sports is approximately .

How long is the bus ride from All-Star Movies to Magic Kingdom? ›

To get to Magic Kingdom Park from Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, head to the bus stop at the resort. Buses typically run about every 20 minutes. Once onboard, the journey typically takes around 20-25 minutes.

Can you walk to McDonald's from All Stars? ›

We have done it before but it is quite a walk and there isnt a sidewalk once you go out of the three resorts because they dont encourage people to walk down the streets outside of the resorts. But it does allow you to check out the grounds and characters of the other All Star resorts.

How long is the bus ride from All-Star Movies to Animal Kingdom? ›

-Disney's All-Star Music Resort to Disney's Animal Kingdom by bus is approximately 15 minutes. -Disney's All-Star Music Resort to Epcot by bus is approximately 18 minutes.

Does Disney All-Star Movie Resort charge for parking? ›

Standard self-parking is complimentary for day Guests while they enjoy select dining, shopping, entertainment and recreation experiences at this Disney Resort hotel.

Do any Disney resorts have free food? ›

Guests who stay at a Value Resort or Moderate will get the Quick-Service Dining Plan for free. Guests who stay at a Deluxe or Deluxe Villa resort will get the regular Disney Dining Plan for free.

Is coffee in Disney hotel room free? ›

Almost all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms include coffeemakers and complimentary tea and coffee supplies, which are replenished daily. Rooms that currently do not have coffeemakers are The Little Mermaid rooms at Disney's Art of Animation Resort and most rooms at Disney's All-Star Resorts.

Why are there no refrigerators in space? ›

“A normal fridge on Earth is also hot in the back. We can't have that in space. Warm air doesn't rise in microgravity; it stays stationary and can cause things to overheat, so you must get rid of heat some other way.

Does All-Star Movies have a microwave in the room? ›

Although you aren't able to request a microwave in your room at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, microwaves are available for guests' use at the World Premiere Food Court.

Can I request a microwave at All-Star Movies? ›

Beverage coolers dont keep dairy cold. You can request a microwave always used to be able to get but now since everyone knows can get its not guaranteed. There are microwaves and toasters in food court though.

What is a preferred room at All-Star movies? ›

A Preferred Room is a room in buildings 1, 4, 5, 8, 9 or 10 that is close to the Cinema Hall Lobby and World Premiere Food Court.

Does All-Star movies have a heated pool? ›

Swimming Pools

The pool is heated. Life preservers and towels are available poolside. The Cinema Pool is also handicapped accessible. There is a kiddie pool located nearby.

What coffee does Disney use? ›

Roasting Magic

Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co. is the Official Specialty Coffee of Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, and Disney Vacation Club®. Joffrey's is available in-room, where coffee is served, Joffrey's locations, and signature restaurants at Disney Parks and Resorts.

Where is the laundry room at All Star Movies? ›

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

24-hour self-service laundry rooms are available near Duck Pond Pool and Fantasia Pool. For dry cleaning and valet laundry service, please select “Housekeeping” on your Guest Room phone.

How many people can stay in a room at All Star Movies? ›

There are 2 types of rooms to book at All-Star Movies. You can either make reservations for a Standard Room or a Preferred Room. The rooms can sleep up to 4 adults, total.

Does All Star Movies have king beds? ›

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Room Features

2 Double-size beds or 1 king-size bed.

Does All Star Movies have queen beds? ›

As far as room types go at Disney's All-Star Movies, there are two options. First, there's the standard guest room with two queen beds or a king-size bed. Second, there is a preferred room category. These rooms will also have two queen beds or a king-size bed.

How much does it cost to do laundry at All-Star Movies? ›

Pricing is usually approximately $1.00 per box, and you can use it for more than one load. In addition, there's a machine on the wall that accepts credit and debit card payments for each load of laundry. You'll select an available machine, pay for the load, and then it will allow you to start the cycle.

Does All-Star Movies have washer and dryer? ›

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

24-hour self-service laundry rooms are available near Duck Pond Pool and Fantasia Pool.

How late are the pools open at All Star Movies? ›

Pool hours* are from 8am - Midnight with lifeguards on duty from 10am-10pm (quiet hours are from 10pm-Midnight).

What's a preferred room at All Star Movies? ›

What is A Preferred Room at All Star Movies? A preferred room is about location on the property. Preferred rooms are closer to the pool, buses and food court. Standard rooms and preferred rooms are the same size.

What is a preferred room at All Star movies? ›

A Preferred Room is a room in buildings 1, 4, 5, 8, 9 or 10 that is close to the Cinema Hall Lobby and World Premiere Food Court.

Does All-Star Movies have shampoo and conditioner? ›

The bathroom is sectioned off from the sleeping area of the room, allowing family members to share the space with added privacy. Inside your room you'll also have access to: Shampoo and Conditioner.

Why are 5 star hotel beds so comfortable? ›

Hotel beds are so comfortable because hotel mattresses are often high-quality. Although all hotels don't use the same mattress, they sometimes consist of a hybrid spring latex foam or memory foam. These mattresses provide pressure relief and support for your body while also being soft enough for comfort.

Does Disney All Star resort have microwave? ›

Disney's All-Star Music Resort also includes family suites that accommodate up to six adults with a queen-sized bed and convertible furniture. These suites also contain two bathrooms and a kitchenette with a coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave.

Will a Queen bed fit in this room? ›

Queen beds fit best in bedrooms that have at least 9.6 X 10 square feet of space and are a great option for rooms with as much as 10 X 14 square feet of space. Much of this depends on how much floor space you prefer to have to walk around and whether the size of your bedroom furniture will accommodate a queen bed.

How much is parking at Disney World? ›

Parking at Disney World parks costs $25 for standard parking and $45 or $50 for preferred parking. Guests of Disney hotels enjoy free theme park parking as a perk of their stay. Most Disney World annual passholders also get free parking.

Is there a resort fee at All-Star Movies? ›

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort is a Value resort. Rates are per room, per night, based on two adults maximum per room. A charge of $15 per night plus tax applies for each additional adult (age 18+) in the room after the first two. There is no charge for children under 18.

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