Illinois High School Wrestling State Qualifiers 2023: A Comprehensive Overview (2023)


The Illinois High School Association boys state wrestling tournament is an annual event that showcases the incredible talent and determination of high school wrestlers. Held at the State Farm Center in Champaign, the 2023 tournament has brought together top athletes from various schools, competing in different weight classes. In this article, we delve into the pairings and results of the state qualifiers, highlighting the journeys of outstanding wrestlers in Class 1A and Class 2A.

Class 2A Highlights

106 Weight Class

Conner Carroll, Rochester (34-7)

Conner Carroll faced tough competition, losing a close 3-2 decision in the first round. However, his resilience shone through with a pinfall victory in the first round wrestlebacks, and subsequent wins in the second round wrestlebacks.

113 Weight Class

Drew Davis, Chatham Glenwood (49-2)

Drew Davis displayed exceptional skill, securing a 3-2 decision in the championship match. His path to victory included impressive technical fall wins and a decisive 8-1 decision in the semifinals.

145 Weight Class

Nolan Mrozowski, Rochester (42-11)

In a challenging journey, Nolan Mrozowski claimed fifth place with a dominant 14-6 major decision in the final match. His resilience and strategic wrestling in the wrestleback quarterfinals and semifinals were commendable.

Class 2A Contenders

152 Weight Class

Aden Byal, Chatham Glenwood (47-7)

Aden Byal secured fifth place with a commanding 10-1 major decision. His journey included a series of technical fall victories and a solid performance throughout the tournament.

195 Weight Class

Brandon Bray, Chatham Glenwood (40-16)

Brandon Bray's tenacity led him to a third-place finish, showcasing his skills with a 4-1 decision in the final match. His journey included a mix of major decisions and well-fought victories.

Class 1A Highlights

113 Weight Class

Alex Powell, Litchfield (44-8)

Despite a challenging path, Alex Powell showcased his skills, reaching the fifth-place match. His journey included notable wins and a hard-fought 2-1 decision in the wrestleback quarterfinals.

120 Weight Class

Joey Ruzic, Auburn (51-2)

Joey Ruzic emerged victorious in the championship match with a thrilling 4-3 tiebreaker over Ty Edwards. His journey included impressive pinfall victories and strategic decisions.

285 Weight Class

Cole Edie, Auburn (47-3)

In an intense battle, Cole Edie reached the championship match but faced a tough defeat. His journey showcased dominant pinfall victories and solid performances throughout.


The Illinois High School Wrestling State Qualifiers in 2023 witnessed exceptional performances from dedicated athletes. The determination, resilience, and skill displayed by these wrestlers in Classes 1A and 2A added to the intensity of the tournament. As we celebrate their achievements, it's evident that the Illinois high school wrestling scene is filled with promising talents, each leaving their mark on the mat.

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