Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall (1962) - Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett (2023)


Julie was also moonlighting for the rival network. Refusing to give up on the idea of a television showcase for the pair of them, Carol Burnett had persuaded James Aubrey, president of CBS, that they were a good risk. The two girls rehearsed solidly throughout February, working through the athletic dance routines. 'Julie lost weight,' said Carol, 'and I gained it, mostly in the bags under my eyes . .. Working opposite her is like having Winston Churchill for your co-pilot.'

'I talk dirty with Carol Burnett,' was how Julie described the show, taking a night off from Camelot to record it on Monday 5 March, for transmission three months later. No matter how daunting the venue [...] the pair were on a mission to debunk, marked by Carol's opening belter, 'There'll Be No Mozart Tonight at Carnegie Hall'. The Texan comedienne and the English miss were then contrasted in 'You're So London' ('you're so Kensington Gardens, and I'm so-San Antone'), and a ten-minute history of the American musical, in which Carol sang 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly?' and Julie parodied 'I Cain't Say No' from Oklahoma! ('How can I be what I ain't? I cahn't say cain't.')
'Big D' was reprised from The Garry Moore Show, but the high points were Mike Nichols' brilliant spoofs, 'The Nausiev Ballet' (touching on the current obsession with Rudolf Nureyev) and 'The Pratt Family of Switzerland'. The latter parodied a show which, a year before Camelot, had hit Broadway like a tidal wave: Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music. Dividing the critics from the start, it nonetheless enraptured audiences with the story of the Austrian nun (a Tony-winning turn from Mary Martin) who tends seven motherless children, marries the father, and helps them all escape the Nazis. As if this was not enough, its box-office power surged anew on the death of Oscar Hammerstein in August 1960. 'It became', said Sandy Wilson, who saw the show at the time, 'like a sell-out Requiem Mass.'
Mike Nichols was having none of it. His Pratt Family boasted nineteen sons, Carol as the only daughter, and Julie as Mama Pratt, chirping, 'We bring you a happy song that I used to sing when I was a happy nun back home in Switzerland.' The song, echoing 'My Favourite Things', ended, 'The things we like best are these: pigs' feet and cheese.' 'We were always putting The Sound of Music down,' Carol remarked, 'and Julie always made fun of that happy nun.'
'I love to dress up in mad get-ups, camp around, to horse around,' said Julie. [...] At ten in the evening, Monday 11 June 1962, Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall aired nationwide- to excellent ratings and subsequent reviews, Variety hailing 'this expert fusion of talent and virtuosity'.
The show would win the 1963 Rose d'Or at Montreux, the first American television programme to do so. Julie won plaudits for her comedy as well as her singing. But it was Carol who did best of all, scooping an Emmy Award-as did the show's producer Joe Hamilton, who married her the following year. 'I got through that show with the help of God and Carol,' said Julie. 'Mostly Carol.'

Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography by Richard Stirling, 2008 (pages 112 - 114)

CBS; June 11, 1962
Producer: Bob Banner, Joe Hamilton
Director: Joe Hamilton
Music: Irwin Kostal
Writer: Mike Nichols, Ken Welch



Oh and a one and A two and one and A two and A three and four five and a six and a seven eight I think I've got it.

Old Man River die Old, Man, River, friends, Romans countrymen.

Lend me your ears.

Shall we take it from the top? Are you ready? Lysis plays tonight, it's Julian Carroll at Carnegie, Hall, starring, Miss, Julie Andrews and miss Carol Burnett good evening, I'm George Fenneman welcome from icy Lipton tea, your change of pace in flavor and refreshment, bris Lipton tea, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Julie Andrews and miss Carol, Burnett they'll be no more tonight.

No mr.

bata, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for this appalling breach of taste.

I, don't know, I, don't know what got into me kind of scared me for a bit.

I, don't think I belong here on this stage.

You see you only having fun.

No, no.

Nothing could be clearer to me now.

I had hoped I had dreamed, but I just don't belong here.

Julie, you know! No, it's true! It's true! You do.

You do I, don't I! Really! Don't I don't know you're so elegant, so ladylike you're, so you're, so Kinsey to gardens and I'm.

So silent, oh, what's wrong with it you're so heartless strings, you're, so chamber, ensemble and I'm, so saxophone, my baby, you're, so cute, so happy and I'm, so liverwurst, you're, so Shakespeare, so Bernard, Shaw and I'm, so Fannie, Hurst, tiny, me first you're, so Manchester, Guardian and I'm so daily me house, you're, so quite pumps, you're, so pink Oh, Carol you're wrong, also so their partner and I'm.

So what you do you're so pogo you also Popeye and peanuts and I'm so Winnie, the Pooh, your root beer, your ginger ale and I'm, so you're, so hey but where's, the ladies room, then I'm so may I wash you're, so mermen you're, so Rosalind, Russell and I.

You know what, if like going through life, looking like a coyote or prairie dogs and I'm sober to be your [ __ ] turn dope the petticoats and I'm so BVD.

Your little girl in your first prom dress on her first date, all dressed up tripping down the stairs with stars.

In her eyes, Oh hay rides y'all.

Y'all Halloween y'all firecrackers on the fourth of July.

Your need a child in this first ballgame waving his pennant in the breeze you're our boys overseas, just like hot dogs and mustard to do it just like Huntley and Brinkley we're and Sandborn it together.

Johnny hurry home, hurry, hurry home, Johnny, hurry home to me: Johnny hurry home, ah hurry home.

Where can Joe Oh? What can the matter be? Can the matter be? What can the matter be? Johnny's so long? He promised to buy me a trinket to please me and then for a kiss, so he bothered he would tease me he promised to buy me a bunch of what can Johnny's so long.

A basket of poses a garden is a garland of roses to set off the blue ribbons that time my Bonnie brown, a little straw to set off Oh, come home, yeah, hurry home, hurry, hurry home to me, isn't Julie an amazing performer really and yet so simple, so unaffected, really I think she's, a very gifted genius when you get right down to it.

I'll give you an example: you see originally Julie had one hope for this.

Show- and that was to sing Old Man River, but unfortunately, for various complex reasons.

It's a long story.

It just didn't work out well, did she have a tantrum? Did she pull rank? The chin says? Well frankly? Yes, but the producers insisted that, for this show she sang soprano and she did and, as we all know, that's very difficult for her because actually she's a bass.

However, you heard the results, because that girl really works hard.

I've, never seen anyone work as hard as Julie does simply maintaining that accent is an enormous I could go on, but I think maybe she's finished her change.

Are you ready we're gonna? Do a number now leaving, ladies and gentlemen, I'm speaking to you from Carnegie Hall, we're about to witness a performance by the world-famous, no CF dance troupe.

Soon they come to us direct, my triumphant tour of Europe and an unsuccessful appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

We are going to hear the song of the week gatherers.

Marcelle smile ha report.

My during midsummer festival, the young men of the village, lay down the wit they have gathered in order to visit a neighboring village and marry some girls, my Oh, and they have eaten they dogs to celebrate their lunch soon.

Arriving at the neighboring village.

They present radishes to the girls of their choice: radishes traditionally symbolize wheat and fertility Oh merrily, except for the prettiest girl in the village Tatiana, who is homecoming queen breathing, because her young man has lost his radish sooner radishes found for Boris LaBarbara other girl in the village happened.

It collects all the other radishes making hers the finest radish collection in the Ukraine they're, all gaily pick up their cheese and dance.

The final gay dance in celebration of the money they're going to be making dancing in America before I was born.

A lot of things happen a lot of things happen, but not before I was born.

A lot of things happen that I didn't happen to see and after I'm gone, a lot of things will happen.

A lot of things will happen.

Yes, after I go, a lot of things will happen, but I won't know about them.

So it's the meantime means all they gave me big swings for my lovin.

Am I living got a do it in the time - pasta sure is before I was born a lot of love, a lot of love, I'm well aware before I was born, a lot of happy didn't have to share and after I'm gone, a lot of will happen.

A lot of is no time yeah after I'm gone, Oh well, I'll be doing without its the meantime time living.

Isn't she an astonishing performer simply astonishing I tell you.

I've worked for weeks with this girl now and believe me.

It's been a remarkable experience.

You know, I've seen her dance until her little feet were bruised I've seen her work on comedy routines with a sense of timing and perfection and good honest hard work repeating and repeating until at the end of the day, her eyes would not uncross.

There was a scene in the show.

Originally, that meant a great deal to Carol and I personally thought it was brilliant.

She was going to do mark hand in his great speech from Julius Caesar and those of us who have seen it will certainly never forget it and well for various technical reasons.

You know this scene was cut now.

Did she complain? Did she make a fast? Did she beg for the scene to be put back in not that one she's backstage doing it now, ladies and gentlemen, but you and I will never see it.

I suppose I'm going on a bit too long with that I did want you to know how I feel about this remarkable saintly girl.

Are you changed here? Yeah I, guess, that's time for our next number: you're lonely, you're, lonely, you're, dolor, dolor de l'est, you're, lonely, I'm, not I'm, papa Simon, look big! We are the happy Swiss family press.

We bring you a happy song that I used to sing when I was a happy nun back home in Switzer.

We have found ghastly sound for every single day.

What the Bell said.

Yeah! That's what we say when we're eating.

That's not favorite Paul MacCready.

She can.

She cou want to try it too.

Won't you try our simple song, I'm sure you're learn real Queen.

Then you can't sing.

Aslan is Vista, make you yeah Oh.

What do you want to do now? You want to sing something together.

What do you mean the two of us singing the same thing yeah but I mean? Is that wise won't? It seem strange when to be confusing both of us singing the same song.

Not if we're careful I mean we could start off very slowly.

All right, I tell you what what I thought.

It would be a good idea if we did a history of the musical comedies in the United States.

You know singing songs, representative of the various epochs or eras.

If you will, as they were handed down through the ages and into history, I, don't know if I can say it again, but I'll try I thought it might be a good idea to do a history of the musical comedy in the United States singing songs, representative of them breath.

I knew I, wouldn't get it right, a representative of the various epochs or eras.

If you will, as they were handed down through the ages and into history, okay, fun, sun is shining.

Do these make it shine? I must be going you're just kind of you too.

For me, this is my what the dog till the two yeah get out of town.

Don't you girl, you can't say no I can't be pretty or point I'm, not the type that can faint Kate like that.

Oh boy, like that, what's one thing only and when he's done he'll leave me lonely Gilbert, are you gonna love, Hayward life, just wait and see just wait! Just wait.

You should know better.

So you said you should know red I have a loan that it right on.

Can I do I love my me and, and he needs me to I love, so strong, hey, Julie, um.

You remember when we first worked together, No.

Of course she do.

It was on the Garry Moore Show.

No, we did that number about Texas yeah.

Oh sure, you remember how good you were.

Let's do it again.

Shall we all right or who have to change? First? What right here, not here's silly backstage in the time-honored way: okay, howdy! Thank you a new to and the way birthday good night from Lipton tea.

We hope you've enjoyed this fine program in Lipton summer ammo.

This fall watch for calamity, jane, starring, carol, burnett rock you by icy Lipton tea and the change of pace break you.


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