Leicester City v. Newcastle United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2022 | NBC Sports (2023)


Newcastle picked up right where they left off in their return to Premier League action, smashing Leicester City 3-0 behind goals from Chris Wood, Miguel Almiron and Joelinton. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Leicester #Newcastle
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Leicester City v. Newcastle United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2022 | NBC Sports


The stadium.

They had one of their rare bumps in the road last season.

I had a pick off all the players.

Take the knee, this one of these special days and the football calendar and locket to make a statement.

Against, Racism and all forms of discrimination.

Both sides Courtney, tapped into a rich vein of formation success and success in terms of results.

Although there are a couple of key absentees, Motors colleague, James Madison, who's been key and Colin Wilson, who we were expecting to feature today, but he's out with illness.

There won't be too many surprises in the way they go about their business., No, I.

Don't think so.

In as you say, going into that break.

Both teams in good form, probably didn't didn't, want the break to come for them.

In that sense in the in the league.


But, getting back to the League Cup and having that ability to get minutes into the legs.

I think both teams will be thankful of that and yeah, not too many changes.

I think the fact that Madison isn't playing Jewish rehaul.

It's got to be the creative spot for Leicester city today.


My opinion was interesting.

Wasn't, it here, tap, Guardiola saggy, pulled the players who didn't the World Cup training, might be in better form, settle for a forward, Newcastle, United, but Danny Warden was away with whales, is alert and across to deny launched a New, Castle.

Yeah, I think he's difficult for players that haven't, played and I'm not been away to the World Cup to be able to keep those Fitness up.


You can play friendlies, but there's nothing like match.


Zsalynn, turn all the challenges in their chair.


It points to the starts, inside the first, 90 seconds of the match, and misjudgement by a Marty, and a penalty kick for Newcastle., And, Marty, here, I! Think he just Dives in.

You can see the look on his face.

There, there's not too much for him.

Going up to the referee, trying to plead his case, which means he probably knows.


It's a such that almost gets away from Joel into, but he manages to get the second touch.

And yeah, take it away from a Marty who just takes his ankle on the way.

In definitely a penalty for me.

Work to take for Newcastle, went to school for Newcastle, the perfect return to action for the magpies ahead inside three minutes.

It's, a fantastic staff and Newcastle United and say Joel internet.

He was the one he was sharply was on the ball.


His first touch wasn't great, but the second touch to win.

The palatino is What he's doing, and I like.

What Chris Wood does here.

A lot of time to think about it.

Even when the whistle goes, he waits, he steadies himself goes through his process as most penalty takers, do and then straight down., The middle was also chipping in with the vital goal.

Feature is Promenade Brazil.

In, the World Cup.

As many Newcastle fans thought he might or fell t-shirt.

This man in brilliant form before the world.


Look at this go.

Absolutely Sensational.

That is what you call picking up, where you left off, Miguel almaguer on right.

At it with a spectacular goal., Unbelievable movement, from Newcastle United everyone.

In, this ground, the fan seemed stunned.

The, Leicester city deventer seems done., Absolutely beautiful to watch., It's, like, poetry in motion and Elmer on there is, you say, picking up where we left off.

In and finishing the move off, beautifully, and you'll see it.


It looks quite simple: initially, working down the right Newcastle.

He cuts in its the little then passed, but he keeps his move.

Running., That's, what., Then, the the passes on One Touch.

So, is so hard for any Defender to be able to pick up, but look at this, just drops it off.

Keeps his run going and then the Finish past Danny.

Ward is exquisite like a surgeon's cut through the Leicester city, defense.

They may feel they could have done better with that, but it was a thing of beauty from Newcastle United, just as the score line is two-nil up so early on and we haven't even played eight minutes.

We're only just at the halfway point to the first half that has sizzled this Boxing Day in the East Midlands.

Most of the heat provided by Newcastle United.

Tumhare Barnes, is on the move.

Should really been played.


She was pretty hall.

Looking for DACA.

Now Poco, plenty of Decker.


He get enough of the ball? The referees, letting Lester play on the VAR.

Peter Banks.

We'll be having a look at it.

For sure., Think.

Hope gets enough of the ball on that for me., We'll, see better from the replays, but I think Pope gets enough of the ball.


He catches that occur.

Afterwards, I, agree.

I think that ball should have been played.

Harvey bonds, quicker.

This, a good ball through, but totally gets so much of the ball.


It comes back off DACA and then great defending as well.

Worst case scenario in the ball gets cleared off the line but you'll see it.


Pope gets the ball.

It ricochets off.

DACA no way up here from Newcastle United.

Yeah, sure.

Michael was always going to be a tough act to follow, but equally it wasn't just About Danny Ward.


Now you've got a whole team in front of you, especially the defense, and he carried and shouldered, a lot of that blame when that wasn't all on him.

He ended up being the lightning rod for a lot of their inadequacies, didn't it? Thomas, getting it out of immediate Danger., we're positioning himself on the The girl Kate up before coming short.

It's, a free header.

It's, our Lenten, and it's three for Newcastle United.

Lester, undone from a set piece.

Again, a Newcastle United are running away with this on boxing day.

The celebration, there.

The, baby celebration from Joe linton's.

I must be a happy moment in his life also, but this is far too easy for a man of his stature that we know he's great in the are always spoken about: Lester cities and lack of ability to defend from set-pieces.

That's the cell.

Thanks now.

It's, far too easy for him.

It doesn't really even get a run.


It's, almost a standing jump, there.

Think, it's Samara., He's looking, he's looking and throwing zone or their Lesser City for me.


Don't really like that comes onto it.

Far too easy.

Joe Linton tomorrow.

He's always got a backtrack.


Rather him be close to the man, to be able to put him off to, to be able to do something about that.


But look at this.

Far too easy, but it's a really good header.

I must admit from Joe Linton, but I think the defending leader, a lot to be desired and there's a celebration for Less the city in the summer, the lack of signings.

Isis initial head up, wasn't the best and there's still work to do.

Fortunately, effort as well over the bar for Newcastle United, and spend Batman and Batman.

You see what he's trying to do, but he just struggles to keep it down.

But again, you watch this ball.


It's, not a bad ball.

It is nothing spectacular.

But just feel that every time, the ball drops, new class of the ones first to it, looks like a double Leicester.

City change will be made, they've made Two, substitutions, already.


Think Brendan Rodgers all feel at this moment.

That, you know, he's got nothing to lose.

He's got to throw the dice at it.

Now to try and get something out of this game.



So, fantastic ball.

It's so inviting it was begging for Newcastle, United had, but cast on Yoda's ever.


Well there to not want get head in it, but direct it away from gold, because that could have quite easily come off the side of his head and gone in the back of his own net.

Karen trippier reloading for Newcastle glanced Away by body at the near post and team effort from Joe will occur, which was routine enough.

Danny Ward., Dewsbury Hall was waiting for the Run of body.


I think he wanted to play that quicker.

The way that it's set, up.

Initially for his left, foot.

I, think he just wanted to swing it.

Round., The, Corner.

First time has to take the tour.

Touch what cameras there.

That's, what it means to them to defend like that is celebrating almost like it's a God, I'm 26.

We got a seven-point gap between Newcastle, United and fifth place.


Here not show these offside.

So even had he found the target.

Celebrations would have been short-lived less.

The city, though work it.

Well nice little ball from Paris here, but, as you can clearly see ya Cho at least a yard off side.

DD call that one enough.


Secure as ever Nick, Pope gladly, Hold on to that ball and as this comes out and DD watches, it fall down and actually connect with it really well.

But from there.

It's got to be spectacular.

There is sizing it up against his former Club, the block from Baughman 2 elements, Gardi, alert, still alive.

That's a smashing safe from Pope, the flags up anyway, but body at his predatory, best.


The flag was up but Nick Pope didn't know that at the time.

It's a wonderful safe., The ball comes in and yeah.

You can see body, there's offside, but does so well to spread himself and make himself big Nick.

Pope think, eventually saves it with his right leg.


As you say, yes, the flag went up, but Nick Pope didn't know that at the time.

Toward the end, trying to finish with a flourish white that you see what he was trying to do playing that ball in behind, but just over Cooks it, a huge Boxing Day show of strength.


Where can I watch Leicester vs Newcastle? ›

The game will be broadcast live on TV on Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, and Sky Sports Ultra HDR and available to stream live online through Sky Go.

Is Newcastle v Leicester televised? ›

Yes, the game will be broadcast live by Sky Sports on their football channels. Coverage gets under way at 7pm.

Who scored for Leicester vs Newcastle? ›

Top Players
K. Trippier 7.41 Joelinton 7.24 B. Guimarães 7.21J. Maddison 7.24 Y. Tielemans 6.8 T. Castagne 6.71
C. Wilson 18 M. Almirón 11 A. Isak 10H. Barnes 13 J. Maddison 10 K. Iheanacho 5
2 more rows
May 22, 2023

Is Leicester v Newcastle on Amazon Prime? ›

Special Offer – To watch Leicester v Newcastle live on Amazon Prime for free (and 9 other PL matches)

Is the Leicester City game on TV? ›

Yes - the game is part of wall-to-wall coverage of the Premier League relegation battle on TV. City will be shown on Sky, along with Everton vs Bournemouth, with the broadcast due to start at 3pm.

How can I watch the Leicester game today? ›

The game will be broadcast live on TV on Sky Sports Main Event and available to stream live online through the Sky Go App/Website.

What can I watch the Leicester match on? ›

Leicester City FC | BT Sport.

What channel is showing the Newcastle match? ›

Coverage of the clash can be found on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League with the build-up beginning at 7pm.

What happened to Leicester City? ›

Leicester City are currently 20th on the table with just 1 points from 6 league matches. This is largely the same team that spent more time in the top four over the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons than any other club.

How many times did Leicester City win? ›

Champions: 1924–25, 1936–37, 1953–54, 1956–57, 1970–71, 1979–80, 2013–14. Runners-up: 1907–08, 2002–03.

How many times did Newcastle win? ›

Newcastle have won four League titles, six FA Cups and an FA Charity Shield, as well as the 1968–69 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the ninth-highest total of trophies won by an English club. The club's most successful period was between 1904 and 1910, when they won an FA Cup and three of their League titles.

What football is free on prime? ›

Amazon Prime will be broadcasting all Premier League fixtures for one weekend in the 2022/23 season, and you can watch them all for free.

Does Prime have free football? ›

With live sports now available on Amazon Prime Video, NFL games can be streamed live just like traditional TV.

How do I watch City TV on prime? ›

You must be an Amazon Prime member to access Citytv+. You can sign up at PrimeVideo.com/CitytvPlus. Once you subscribe, you will get a free 30-day trial. After the trial period, Citytv+ is an add-on of only $4.99 to your Prime membership.

Can Leicester stay up? ›

What do Leicester City need to stay up? Leicester must jump ahead of both Leeds and Everton in order to survive. In order for that to happen Leicester not only need to win their final game, but they also need Everton to drop points at home to Bournemouth.

Who will go down Premier League? ›

Find the latest Premier League relegation odds for the 2023/2024 season here:
ClubChanceSky Bet
Nottingham Forest-5/2
4 more rows
May 29, 2023

Will Leicester City get relegated? ›

Leicester City relegated: The key failings that led to the Foxes exiting the Premier League. After a wretched campaign in which they had three different managers and lost 22 of their 38 league matches, Leicester City will be playing Championship football next season.

Is Leicester on BT Sport today? ›

Is Leeds vs Leicester on TV? Yes. Leicester's trip to West Yorkshire will be shown live on BT Sport. Coverage starts at 7pm on BT's 1HD and Ultimate channels, with kick-off an hour later.

What radio station is the Leicester game on? ›

BBC Radio Leicester - BBC Radio Leicester Sport: Commentary - Next on.

Where can I watch England in Leicester? ›

Hogarths. Hogarths Leicester might be best known as a gin palace, but it's also a fantastic choice for those looking to watch England in action. Reputable for showing any must-see games to eager fans, their booths are the perfect place to settle down in and see it all unfold.

Where can I watch sports matches? ›

List of Top Sports Streaming Sites
  • Stream2Watch.
  • CrackStreams.
  • Fox Sports Go.
  • ESPN.
  • Vidgo.
  • FITE.
  • SportSurge.
  • Facebook Watch.
May 7, 2023

What can I watch Premier League games? ›

Premier League | Live Streaming | Watch on TV | BT Sport.

Is Leicester City v Fulham on TV today? ›

The game isn't being televised in the UK. See below for international broadcast options.

How can I watch Newcastle in the US? ›

Where to find Newcastle United on TV. Newcastle is finding themselves featured more than ever on USA Network or NBC as part of its Premier League coverage each weekend. When not one of the featured matches, those Premier League games can be found on Peacock Premium, NBC's paid streaming service.

What channel is the match? ›

TNT will air the action on TV starting at 6:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 29. There is, however, no free streaming option for this edition of The Match. Fans with active cable subscriptions can stream the telecast online at tntdrama.com.

Does Newcastle United have its own TV channel? ›

Newcastle United - NUFC TV.

What country owns Leicester City? ›

Leicester City Football Club is a professional association football club based in Leicester, in the East Midlands of England. They play their home matches at the King Power Stadium and compete in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.

Who saved Leicester City? ›

Adams was banned from the transfer market for most of the season, even after the club was rescued by a takeover in February 2003 by a consortium led by Gary Lineker. Adams guided Leicester to runners-up spot in Division One and automatic promotion back to the Premiership with 92 points.

Why are Leicester being relegated? ›

Leicester, who lifted the title only seven years ago, beat West Ham 2-1 but it wasn't enough to secure their survival due to Everton's win. Leicester City and Leeds United have been relegated from the Premier League as Everton survived on a dramatic final day.

Which club is the king of England? ›

By terms of history, Arsenal are by far the "Kings of London." No team in the capital has achieved as many domestic titles or overall trophies as the North Londoners.

Who are Leicester rivals? ›

Traditionally, the Foxes' biggest rivals are Nottingham Forest and Derby County because Nottingham and Derby are the closest cities to Leicester.

Who are Leicester City's rivals? ›

Leicester City F.C.–Nottingham Forest F.C. rivalry.

Who are Newcastle's biggest rivals? ›

Newcastle's strongest rivalry is with Sunderland, which is another city very close to Newcastle in the North East of England. The derby between Newcastle Utd and Sunderland was first played in 1888. It has been played 155 times, with Sunderland winning 53 times and Newcastle 53.

What is Newcastle United's biggest win? ›

Newcastle's biggest win came back in 1946 when the Magpies defeated Newport County 13-0 in the old First Division at St James' Park. Their biggest Premier League win came back in 1999 with an 8-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday, and Alan Shearer scored as many as five goals on that occasion.

Is Newcastle a big club? ›

With match attendances averaging over 50,000 supporters, Newcastle United is one of England's biggest clubs.

What channel can I watch Leicester City on? ›

Leicester City FC | BT Sport.

What channel is the Newcastle match on? ›

What TV channel is Newcastle v Brighton on? You can watch the game live on Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event from 7pm. You can add the Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football channels for just £18 per month combined or pick up the complete sports package for just £25 per month.

Is Newcastle v Leicester on TV on Boxing Day? ›

United will travel to Leicester City on Boxing Day for a 3pm kick-off, and that game - which remains set for the same date and time - will be shown live on Amazon Prime.

Where can I watch England Leicester game? ›

With BT Sport and Sky Sports access, you can watch all televised Premier League matches and the top European action from UEFA Champions League, Europa League and more. Take a look at the latest fixtures for rugby, football, darts, formula one, cricket, boxing and more below.

How can I watch Premier League channel? ›

BT Sport - the ultimate viewing experience.

Where can I watch NFL Leicester? ›

Best Sports Bars in Leicester
  • Rileys Leicester. Deacon Street, Leicester, LE2 7EE | Website. ...
  • The Distillery. 27 Market St, Leicester LE1 6DN | Website. ...
  • The Loaded Dog. 144 London Rd, Leicester LE2 1ED | Website. ...
  • Soar Point. The Newarke, Leicester LE2 7BY | Website. ...
  • The Locker Room. 5 Belvoir St, Leicester LE1 6SL | Website.
Jan 10, 2022

What channel is Leicester City vs Fulham on today? ›

In Premier League action on Monday, Leicester City will be visiting Fulham at 10:00 AM ET. You can watch on USA Network.

How can I watch Newcastle match tonight? ›

Newcastle United | BT Sport.

Is Leicester match on Amazon Prime? ›

Two Leicester City games will be shown live on Amazon Prime this season. The visit of Leeds United to the King Power Stadium on October 18 will be shown live on the platform.

What time is the Leicester v Newcastle game? ›

Newcastle United will be playing the full 90 minutes on Monday, but they're expected to have things wrapped up well before that. They will be playing at home against Leicester City at 3:00 p.m. ET. Newcastle United and Leicester City are at an even 5-5 over their past ten English Premier League head to heads.

What channel is Leicester Tigers v Newcastle Falcons on? ›

There is live coverage of the Leicester Tigers' game at Newcastle Falcons this weekend via PRTV. If you are not travelling to Kingston Park for this Gallagher Premiership Round 25 game, you can still watch all of the action on PRTV, Premiership Rugby's new streaming service.

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