The 3 BEST CLASSIC NYC Diners You Must Visit (Before They're Gone...) (2023)


New York City diners are a dying breed.. we'll visit 3 of NYC's Best to give you a taste of American Culture and some of the city's Best Breakfasts! Joined by @WhatashameMaryJane
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Diners Featured:
1) Pearl Diner- 212 Pearl St, New York, NY 10038
2) Tick Tock Diner- 481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001
3) Bel Aire Diner- 31-91 21st St, Queens, NY 11106

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When foreigners visit new york city, they always ask me: what's something really american, we can do and I always say, eat breakfast at a classic diner.

Today we're going to show you three of new york city's best diners and some american breakfast staples.

Don't watch this video on an empty stomach.

You've been warned, it's like this.

Diner is just stuck in time and the rest of lower manhattan was built up all around it growing up in italy.

Did you see these types of places in movies? Oh, absolutely, yes, pump fiction! Of course I mean come on.

Pigs are filthy animals.

I don't eat filthy animals yeah my bacon tastes good.

There may be no better diner scene in america's cinema history right every possible thing you might be ordering they're prepared for you.

So do the french toast? Please have a two eggs scrambled with bacon.

Oh, this is the famous maple syrup.

They got it ready for you it's so you sticky, there's something about diner coffee.

You just can't get this flavor anywhere else.

I grew up in new jersey, which has more diners than any other state in the u.s about 600 of them.

I would order eggs at like 11 p.m.

I was one of those people that would do breakfast for late night dinner, even the eggs all taste the same to me, there's just this like consistently good diner taste tastes like new jersey.

To me.

This tastes like new jersey, first time ordering french toast at a restaurant period.

I think I tried to make them at home when I was still living in italy, but I mean they're, not the same.

Of course, let's dig them in the in the syrup.

Oh look at that.

That's actually good! You weren't, expecting it to be very simple.

No, I was expecting it to be to be happier yeah very nice.

It's a it's a good breakfast.

I know they're really dying off in popularity right now, which is a shame, because I think this is a real part of american history and if you didn't know the word, diner came from dining car because diners actually used to be on wheels.

That's why they have the shape that they do.

I didn't know that I've always wondered why they're called like that.

Why are they called diners huh? A diner should be your first breakfast in new york city.

Even if your hotel has a free breakfast, I still say check out a diner at least one morning I thought having mary jane it wouldn't be.

You know there was food.

I'm gonna put bring all right american breakfast.

This is the reason why john got to drag me out this morning, because there's gonna be food ben, doesn't normally film before 12.

It's true could possibly make the argument that we have the best job in the world, we're just eating diner breakfasts all day you can think of an easier job.

Tell me what it is.

I don't know.

Are you ready for two more breakfasts? Oh, my god, um, maybe maybe all right first time using omni that worked.

You know I like coming to midtown, because here is where all the typical architecture of new york city is at least for me, coming from a little town in italy.

What is new for me.

Is these huge skyscrapers that just are so tall, and I don't know they make me feel so tiny also tick-tock diner is probably the most well known to tourists.

It's like the cathedral of new york city diners, it's the largest in the city and there's no other place quite like it.

I always recommend you get a seat by the window.

Here, it's a great people watching location in midtown.

We're just going to split these.

I want to do one order of the reese's pancakes one order of the banana bomb waffles.

You can get breakfast 24 hours a day, but they got some nutty stuff.

Like irish benedict philly cheese, steak, egg witch nutella, cookie crepes bring your cravings here thanks.

We will.

Oh, my god, all right.

Can you get something like this in europe or this is beyond european standards for quantity of food? No! No.

This is like food for four people like each plate.

Is it's a dessert for four people each place, welcome to the united states, there's traditional diner food and then there's tick, tock diner, which is really trying to do some crazy stuff.

We've got the banana bomb waffles.

We've got the reese's pancakes here and in case you need any extra syrup.

I mean just in case.

We got more.

You love these two extra.

If you have uh little kids, maybe love this.


If you have little kids, don't take them here.

Oh my god.

It's good like what have I done to my blood sugar, it's very fluffy, but it has some crispy parts as well.

The pancake.

This just has a lot going on the little reese's on top puts it all together, for me, is the little banana.

Oh, it's very good, the great thing about 24-hour diners in the u.s.

You can order this three o'clock in the morning.

Whatever reason you have to be eating this, I don't know what it is three o'clock in the morning.

You want your waffles.

You want your pancakes, you come here and get that yeah shout out to one of my patreon members, michael.

If he's watching, he sent me photos in germany how they have an american style diner in his town and that's like a whole attraction like come eat, like the americans.

Doing it had like burgers and shakes and this type of food only germans could do that.

No, I can't wait to see the comments after this.

This is perfect for tourist time.

I'd say you come here.

You want to celebrate, you don't want to have your usual kind of breakfast like this is something we would have in italy after dinner, not for breakfast plus, you could split any of these for two people.

They won't care, no problem, even four people, even four people.

This is one of those moments when you realize I live here, you do live here.

What are we watching here? This is so clean.

Isn't it walking down? I was thinking about the same thing.

I know you guys are curious about gas prices, so here you go.

It's like we're walking through the urban desert and out of nowhere, this diner just pops in it's like a mirage.

I love it there's even a parking lot here.

This is the most style diner of all the ones we've covered today, so I already feel at home.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This menu is also enormous.

You could tell it's been here a long time got the laminated pages, you can barely term them.

Most of the diners are owned by greek people, because if we look at the greek immigration, particularly to astoria, there's more greeks here than just about anywhere else in the united states.

This menu is just a signal to me of that.

All these greek foods seafood musaka all the stuff I loved.

When I went to greece all on the menu, if you don't just want your typical breakfast and mary jane, they even have italian specialties here granted, I think more american italian style.

This is what do you think all american italian, I can assure you chicken parm, the very, very famous in italy, chicken parm I've never heard of that before I want to do the athenian fried omelette.

Would you like with home, fries or french fries french fries wow man? Thank you.

You're welcome.

All diners have their own personalities.

This one's very greek athenian omelette, feather spinach onion.

This omelet is probably making me feel better about myself than anything else.

We've eaten today, because this is actually on the healthier side.

Let's get some meat, some aubergines and some potatoes.

I like that reaction.

That was, I was genuine like like you were going back to greece.

You could turn this diner into not just a spot for american staples, but also for greek food.

That's why I love it here.

This is why people have told me this is the best diner in new york city.

Is this common for diners to have so many different types of not only diverse cuisines, but also from breakfast to lunch to almost dinner? You know where I grew up in new jersey.

It was just like this all day people ordering all sorts of crazy stuff, one of those things I'm just proud to be from new jersey and if you guys are interested, maybe I'll, do a new jersey, diner video someday.

Tell me in the comments without it appealing to you, it almost tastes like jollibee, really the gravy yeah.

That was the filipino thing you possibly could have said by the way, if you haven't subscribed to mary jane's channel.

What are you waiting for? You want the italian perspective on new york city.

This girl's got some really cool content, subscribe down below check it out growing up in jersey.

I took diners for granted and now, after doing this video, I think I'm going to take adriana to a diner for breakfast next week.

If you want to see something, you can only do in new york city right here, ben and I ate dollar pizza for 24 hours straight.

You don't want to miss.

It trust me.


What is the abandoned diner in NYC? ›

Now ironically forgotten between two auto repair shops which clearly couldn't fix their neighbor, the restaurant at 357 West Street closed its doors in 2006 after 50 years of diner life. It's been known as the Lunchbox Diner, Rib, the Terminal Diner, and the Lost Diner.

What is the oldest diner in NYC? ›

Barbetta, Since 1906, is the oldest restaurant in New York that is still owned by the family that founded it. Barbetta is also the oldest Italian restaurant in New York, and the oldest restaurant in New York's Theatre District.

Are diners a NYC thing? ›

Diners are an iconic part of New York City's history.

Where will you find New York City's oldest restaurant? ›

Fraunces Tavern, 1762

Located on the corner of Pearl Street and Broad Street in downtown Manhattan, Fraunces Tavern is a 250-year-old bar and restaurant with a storied past.

What restaurant is Forrest Gump in NYC? ›

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. captures the charm and American spirit that made “Forrest Gump” a smash hit, featuring down-home décor reminiscent of the movie's setting in Alabama.

What is the jail themed restaurant in NYC? ›

THE SHOW. SHAWSHANKD is New York City's most unique, immersive, theatrical, cocktail experience. Hidden in broad daylight somewhere in Midtown East, Manhattan lies ShawshankD.

What is New York's oldest steakhouse? ›

The Old Homestead Steakhouse is a steakhouse established in 1868 whose flagship location is in Manhattan, New York City. The restaurant is the oldest continuously operating steakhouse in the United States.

What is the oldest restaurant bar in New York that is still open when was it built? ›

Fraunces Tavern Restaurant has been operating since it's inception in 1762 and is currently home to some of the best food, liquor and craft beer in New York City.

What is New York's oldest cafe? ›

Caffe Reggio is a New York City coffeehouse first opened in 1927 at 119 Macdougal Street in the heart of Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Where do celebrities eat dinner NYC? ›

Best Celebrity Sighting Restaurants in New York
  • 1/ Bar Pitti. 268 Sixth Ave. New York, NY 10014. ...
  • 2/ Carbone. 181 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012. ...
  • 3/ Gemma. 335 Bowery New York, NY 10003. Italian, Breakfast. ...
  • 4/ Lucali. 575 Henry St. ...
  • 5/ Michael's. 24 W. ...
  • 6/ Minetta Tavern. 113 MacDougal St. ...
  • 7/ Morandi. 211 Waverly Pl. ...
  • 8/ Rao's. 455 E.

What street food is New York known for? ›

Hot Dogs. When you think of New York street food, you immediately picture a hot dog stand in the middle of 5th Avenue. Hot dogs are to New York what croissants are to Paris and what pizza is to Napoles.

What is the most old restaurant in the world? ›

Stiftskeller St. Peter, Salzburg, Austria (803)

The world's oldest restaurant can still be found housed within its original structure in St. Peter's Abbey in Salzburg.

What is the oldest fast food in New York? ›

Nedick's logo
GenreFast food restaurant
PredecessorNedick's Orange Juice Company
Founded1913 in New York City, New York, United States
5 more rows

Does the NY Historical Society have a restaurant? ›

Discover Storico, a globally inspired eatery committed in equal measure to inventive ingredient-driven menus, traditional cooking techniques, and fresh regionally sourced produce.

Who owns the Forrest Gump house? ›

Dr. Harry Gregorie, Charleston, S.C., didn't know of Forrest Gump 14 months ago. However, he is familiar with the plantation, 30 miles north of Beaufort. Gregorie and his three partners own the land that Paramount Pictures leased to film the movie.

Does the Gump House still exist? ›

The Gump House is no longer standing. It was built specifically for the movie. Since it was hastily built (not to code) it was dismantled after production.

What street was Forrest Gump filmed on? ›

Boulevard, Savannah. The fictitious town of 'Greenbow, Alabama', where the young Gump grows up, is Varnville, on Route 68 about 35 miles northwest of Beaufort.

What is the American Psycho restaurant? ›

The slightly kitschy Pacific Rim restaurant was actually Monsoon, 100 Simcoe Street at Adelaide Street West in Toronto. The premises now houses Michael's On Simcoe steak house.

What is in Hells Kitchen NY? ›

  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. 9,555. Speciality Museums. ...
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center. 917. Theaters • Civic Centres. ...
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre. 247. Theaters. ...
  • 42nd Street. 433. ...
  • New World Stages. 347. ...
  • The Shops at Columbus Circle. 395. ...
  • Jacob Javits Convention Center. 363. ...
  • Pip's Island. Theaters.

What New York restaurant is based on Doctor Who? ›

Beacon NY restaurant | The Pandorica Restaurant | Doctor Who Restauran.

What is the oldest still operating restaurant in America? ›

The White Horse Tavern is the “oldest operating restaurant in the U.S.” and is acknowledged as the 10tholdest in the world. The White Horse Tavern is a National Historic Landmark being America's oldest restaurant, having served guests since 1673.

What steak is named after a New York restaurant? ›

The Delmonico steak, named for Delmonico's Restaurant in New York's financial district, is most commonly associated with a rib eye, though it likely originated as a boneless top loin and can now refer to several other cuts as well.

What is the oldest steakhouse in the United States? ›

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City has been operating for more than 150 years, making it the oldest continuously operating steakhouse in the United States.

What is the oldest original bar in NYC? ›

The Ear Inn is New York City's oldest bar — and it hasn't changed much since the first drinks were poured.

What is the oldest family owned bar in NYC? ›

Established in 1762, Fraunces Tavern is the oldest functioning tavern in NYC. Its famed role in the American Revolution as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers is documented in the Fraunces Tavern Museum, located on the premises of the multi-roomed building.

What is the oldest restaurant in NYC closing? ›

So it's especially sad news that Neir's Tavern — at 190-years-old, one of New York's oldest bars — is set to close this Sunday.

What is the oldest New York Pizza restaurant? ›

Welcome to America's First Pizzeria®, Est. 1905 | NYC

Since 1905 Gennaro Lombardi crafted pizza in the United States using his bakers trade he learned from Naples. Lombardi is credited with developing New York Style pizza and making Lombardi's the first pizzeria in the United States.

What is the oldest McDonald's in NYC? ›

1972: The first McDonald's in New York City opens on Manhattan's Upper West Side, dubbed "Townhouse" (to reflect that it was not a drive-in) and serves a record 100,000 hamburgers in its first week.

What is the oldest pub in New York State? ›

New York's oldest bar is The Old '76 House located in Tappan New York. The bar opened up for the first time back in 1755. Heck, this place has been serving booze at it since before the American Revolution. According to Thrillist, this building has served several purposes.

What is Taylor Swift favorite restaurant? ›

Locanda Verde

Swift is no stranger to Tribeca–as she reportedly owns three properties in the neighborhood, according to Insider. So it makes sense that she would frequent chef Andrew Carmellini's popular Italian restaurant Locanda Verde in the neighborhood.

Where did Meghan Markle eat in NYC? ›

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in New York on Monday for Nelson Mandela International Day. The pair dined with friends at Locanda Verde in Tribeca, according to Page Six. I went to taste some of the dishes they reportedly ordered and loved them all.

Where did the Kardashians go to dinner in NYC? ›

Serafina Meatpacking

The Kardashian's frequent this upscale Italian eatery as a quick lunch stop or indulge in a full sit-down dinner. This place is on top of the Kar-Jenner's families list when they come to the city, maybe you'll catch Kendall and her super model squad if you ever decide to stop in for a bite.

What is the most famous dish in New York? ›

You can't think of New York food without one thing coming to mind: pizza! The first pizzeria in the country, Lombardi's, was opened in Manhattan's Little Italy in 1905.

What sandwich is New York famous for? ›

1) New York's Signature Sandwich

It's a simple creation of thinly sliced pastrami piled high on rye bread and slathered with spicy brown mustard. Some delis might also add corned beef, but it's the simple three-ingredient signature pastrami sandwich that is considered one of New York City's best sandwiches.

What food should you not miss in New York? ›

I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.
  • Food You Must Eat While in New York – Ultimate NYC Food Guide.
  • Pizza, Pizza, and more New York Pizza.
  • Jewish Deli.
  • Nathan's Hot Dogs in Coney Island.
  • NYC Hot Dog Stands.
  • NYC Bagels.
  • American Italian Food.
  • NYC Halal Street Food.
Mar 2, 2023

What is the official snack of NYC? ›

The governor of New York got the idea that New York should have an official snack from students in his state and signed a bill into law that named yogurt the state snack.

What are some unique foods in New York? ›

The Most Unusual Dishes in New York City
  • Chorizo Caramel Swirl. Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. is your classic, old-school ice cream shop with a twist. ...
  • Masala Mac and Cheese.
  • Salted Caramel Chicken Fingers. ...
  • Golden Opulence Sundae. ...
  • Chapulines Tacos.
  • Lox Rice Bowl. ...
  • Chocolate Chunk Pizza. ...
  • Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata.
Apr 11, 2023

What was the most popular restaurant? ›

Top 250: The Ranking
4Taco Bell
46 more rows

What is the 1st best restaurant in the world? ›

Best restaurants
2018Osteria FrancescanaMirazur
2019MirazurAsador Etxebarri
2021NomaAsador Etxebarri
17 more rows

What is the oldest restaurant in the New world? ›

History. The restaurant was founded in 1725 by Frenchman Jean Botin and his wife, and was originally called Casa Botín. Upon Botin's death in 1753., a nephew called Candido Remis changed the name to Sobrino de Botín, which survives to this day.

How much did a McDonald's hamburger cost in 1948? ›

In 1948, you could get a McDonald's burger for just 15 cents. At the original McDonald's locations, before Ray Kroc revolutionized the company and founded what we know as McDonald's today in 1955, a burger cost just 15 cents.

What fast-food isn t in New York? ›

5 top fast food chains that aren't in Central New York: Which one would you most like to see? (poll)
  • Chick-Fil-A ($4.6 billion in sales). Food: Southern fried chicken. ...
  • Sonic Drive-in ($3.8 billion). Food: Carhop-delivered burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders etc. ...
  • Jack In the Box. ...
  • Hardee's. ...
  • Whataburger ($1.5 billion).
Nov 20, 2013

What celebrities own restaurants in New York City? ›

Check Out Some of the Coolest Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in NYC!
  • The 40/40 Club- Jay Z. Image Source- The 40/40 Club. ...
  • Locande Verde- Robert Di Niro. Image Source- Locande Verde. ...
  • Joanne Trattoria- Lady Gaga. Image Source- Joanne Trattoria. ...
  • Mermaid Oyster Bar- Zach Braff. Image Source- The Mermaid Inn. ...
  • SONA- Priyanka Chopra.

Where did Sinatra eat in New York? ›

History. Patsy's Italian Restaurant has been known for years as the restaurant Frank Sinatra made famous, and in fact, his family still enjoys dining at Patsy's Italian Restaurant whenever they are in town.

What was the name of the restaurant on top of the Twin Towers in New York City? ›

Windows on the World

What happened to the Salem Diner? ›

The Salem Diner is a historic diner in Salem, Massachusetts. It is one of two Sterling Streamliner diners left in Massachusetts, and still stands at its original location. Designated car #4106, it was also one of the last made by the Sterling Company before it closed its doors in 1942.

What is the 50s diner in Ghost World? ›

The Coon Chicken Inn was a real restaurant chain, founded in 1925 in Salt Lake City. However it folded in the late '50s and never changed its name to Cook Chicken, as in the film.

What is the abandoned village in NY? ›

Tahawus, New York Is One of New York State's Biggest Ghost Town. Tahawus, New York actually has the distinction of becoming a ghost town twice. Ironworkers began working in the area in 1826 but were forced to close around 1857 due to impurities of titanium dioxide that was found in the iron.

What did boondocks restaurant used to be? ›


What happens in the witch's diner? ›

The Witch's Diner tells the story of desperate people who come to dine at the restaurant operated by witch Jo Hee-ra (Song Ji-hyo), hoping to get their wishes fulfilled through special meal. In exchange, they have to sacrifice the most precious thing in their life.

What happened to Salem girls? ›

All five women were executed by hanging on July 19, 1692. In mid-July, the constable in Andover invited the afflicted girls from Salem Village to visit with his wife to try to determine who was causing her afflictions.

Is the Sanderson sisters house still in Salem? ›

The historic Ropes Mansion dates back to the 1720s and is currently owned by the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. Fans will remember the exterior of the home from scenes where Max takes Dani trick-or-treating, before realizing the mansion belongs to his crush, Allison.

Why is Peggy Sue's Diner famous? ›

Famous and not-so-famous visitors pose with the waitresses and with the larger-than-life sculptures of The Blues Brothers and Elvis. Their photos hang alongside portraits of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. The outdoor Diner-saur Park is like the old roadside stops in Peggy Sue's childhood, she added.

What is the purpose of Ghost Restaurant? ›

Ghost kitchens are essentially restaurants without the dining space. Their focus is to sell and fulfill online food orders for delivery using third-party apps like Grubhub, UberEats, and DoorDash, or with their own delivery operation.

Where is the city of ghosts located? ›

The show is about a team of little kids who interview ghosts for a pretend documentary series that not incidentally spins a true history of Los Angeles.

What is the most famous abandoned city in America? ›

Bodie, California

Like a straight-up Western movie set, Bodie is one of the most famous (and the largest) unreconstructed ghost towns in America. Established in 1859 when William S.

What is the oldest private home in NYC? ›

The Lent-Riker-Smith Homestead is the oldest house in NYC. The homestead, which is located in Queens, is still used as a private dwelling. It was initially built as a one-room farmhouse by Abraham Riker in 1654.

What is the most famous abandoned city? ›

Pripyat, Ukraine

Probably the most famous abandoned city in the world is Pripyat, which had been built in 1970 to house workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant located less than 1.25 miles (2 km) away.

What is the famous restaurant from American Psycho? ›

Get a reservation at Dorsia!

American Psycho protagonist could never get was a reservation at fictional restaurant Dorsia.

What is the American Psycho restaurant called? ›

The slightly kitschy Pacific Rim restaurant was actually Monsoon, 100 Simcoe Street at Adelaide Street West in Toronto. The premises now houses Michael's On Simcoe steak house.

Why was Boondocks discontinued? ›

On February 28, 2023, in an interview with Gary Anthony Williams, he revealed that the reason for the reboot's cancellation was because it took too long to make.

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